What is Jugaad Factory: Where Waste Materials are converted into New Artistic Home Decors.

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Jugaad Factory is a one-stop destination for its customers for anything creative. Many people believe that you can find products of your choice by visiting Jugaad Factory. And yes, Rajeev Saran along with his team are striving for satisfaction of their customers with their creativity. If you have an abstract concept in your mind, Jugaad Factory shapes it in real, whether it is your shoes, T-shirt, surfing board, restaurant decor, lobby design, terrace layout, wall painting, or anything else.

Jugaad Factory
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How did Jugaad Factory start?

Rajeev Saran started Jugaad Factory in 2008. His specialty is that he can re-create almost anything, by giving it a different shape with his creativity. During an interview, he explained that it is his passion to create new things from the existing products or material. They convert unused materials into artwork. They consider junk as new material for themselves and don’t waste money buying new materials. He further says that experimenting is a long process in art, but he likes it.

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Rajeev Saran – Makeover Expert

At Vasant Kunj in Delhi, Jugaad Factory is a place where art and experimentation merge. In the beginning, they converted the empty beer bottles into pendant lamps, which they proudly named “Hangover“.

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After that, his creative mind began flying high. His deep understanding of art and creativity made his customers satisfied. Whatever his clients used to envision, they brought it to shape & put before them, and this was what attracted their customers.

Customization is his specialty, now, even if you are a fan of the Beatles, Karl Marx, or any other person; he can convert that image onto your favorite product or place. Today, Jugaad Factory is experimenting with home decoration, dresses, sculptures, walls, shoes, T-shirts, etc., and creating customized gifts is their specialty. Apart from this, Jugaad Factory is ready to makeover your terrace, lounge, cafe, restaurant, or any other place or product. They can make new stuff with any discarded material.

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Customization & Customer Satisfaction

Jugaad Factory, which came into existence in 2008, is now one of the leading corporate gifts manufacturer chains in Delhi. It is a one-stop destination for its customers. Customers have strong trust in them, and it is increasing day by day. Jugaad Factory believes in 100% customer satisfaction and they design and develop their products and services with utmost care meeting customer expectations.

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Team Work

The Jugaad Factory team comprises people who follow their respective passions, follow the common vision and goals of the company, and strive to achieve them. Also, the artists have the freedom to exercise their ideas and develop their skills. Art is not an easy task, and you need to be really passionate about it to succeed in this field. In the coming years, Jugaad Factory aims to expand products and services and cater to a large customer base.

Jugaad Factory is conveniently located in Vasant Kunj, Delhi and you can reach here via different modes of transportation. The team here is polite and always eager to help its customers and clients. They are proactive to answer customers’ queries to settle their curiosity about their respective art. Apart from the big corporate houses, many people from the film world & the Music Industry are also admirers of Jugaad Factory’s Art Pieces.

Jugaad Factory
Founder – Rajeev Saran & Lead Artist – Priya Kataria

The JFKs (Jugaad Factory Karigars) have organized several workshops at their studio to motivate people and help them bring out their inner artist. Rajeev has taken lectures and workshops at various high-profile colleges/universities such as NIFT Delhi, Pearl Academy of Fashion Design, and JIMS. To view their product collection, visit: Website, Facebook, Instagram, and for workshops email at jugaadfactory@gmail.com.

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