Take A Look At India’s First Electric Mobility Focused Investment Banking Firm By Vasudha Madhavan

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Amid the discourse behind sustainable energy and zero-emission gas due to climate change abruptions, India has also taken steps in different spectrums on reducing net-zero emission targets. 

India has taken many steps forward for a sustainable environment. The one pledge that the country has taken is that it will make India a net-zero emission target by 2070. 

One of the decisive sectors that will serve as a barrier in the battle of climate change will be electric mobility or electric vehicle (EV.) India is still audaciously targeting to increase its electric mobility for zero-target emission, and it has a long mile to go. 

Sensing the scale of this opportunity in 2015, Vasudha Madhavan founded Ostara Advisors India’s first investment bank concentrated solely on the electric mobility and sustainability sector.

This investment banker from Bangalore founded a specialist investment banking with the unique vision of building sustainable technology. 

Mad4India brings an evolving story of Ostara Advisors focusing on electric mobility and provides fund-raising to investors and companies who have visions for sustainable technology. 

Ostara Advisors – Electric Mobility 

electric mobility
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Formerly known as Dhruva Advisors, this electric mobility and sustainable-focused investment banking firm came into existence in 2015 in Bangalore, India. 

The founder of this firm, Vasudha Madhavan, has traveled across Indian states before moving to Bangalore. She studied in XLRI in Jamshedpur from 2001 to 2003, and just after graduating from XLRI, she landed herself a job in ICICI bank, where she moved to Mumbai. 

After learning the skills of the structured finance vertical, Vasudha Madhavan moved to Citibanks Corporate and Investment Banking team. It was during this phase, the foundation of her business career was formed.

After being into the banking spectrum, in 2012, she ventured her way to the boutique investment banks that raised capital and offered services to private companies. It was the moment of call for her to be an entrepreneur. 

Apart from garnering a pearl of proficient wisdom in the field of science, one has to be familiar with the sector they are dealing with the Ostara Advisors’ journey trailed the road. 

The hard yards for electric mobility

electric mobility
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In 2017-18, she was counseling a company into diversifying electric mobility. It was during this transaction, Vasudha started thinking about the energy consequences of EVs. 

It was a personal spirit that made her plunge into this sector. 

A keen to make a sustainable change in the environment with its electric mobility and electric vehicle move. Ostara Advisors urges companies and investors for two-wheeled electric mobility that could change the automobile system of India and bring a positive change in the environment by reducing emission gas. 

The electric vehicles or electric mobility sector needs a cohesive voice that could bring all start-ups and investors in bringing a change to investment banking concerning sustainability technology that adversely impacts the environment. 

Today, Ostara Advisors is India’s first electric mobility and sustainability-focused boutique investment banking firm. Surprisingly, there are few women in EV or electric mobility space in India, which needs a change for the better. 

The founder also raised a fund of 40 million for Altigreen Propulsion, an EV 3-wheeler manufacturer based in Bengaluru. 

Vasudha Madhavan has a good grasp of the electric mobility ecosystem. It could help other companies and investors to thrive in this rising ecosystem. 

If given the right direction, electric mobility in investment banking can be useful in India. 

An investment banker is specializing in electric mobility and advising clients since 2017 to create an ecosystem and inspire others to achieve this milestone. 

Mad4India wishes a hearties congratulation to Ostara Advisors and reckons to see more of these.

To know more about Ostara Advisors, please check – Website, Twitter

To know more about Vasudha Madhavan, please check – Twitter

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