Fit India Will Now Mean Stylish India, That Too While Saving The Environment – CORE ASANA Is The New Definition Of Fitness

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Core Asana is the new one-stop shop for fit India. Who would have imagined that fashion and health could also be molded into a new way of life? Today’s story is all about creating a fit India with style.

Being fit mentally and physically is essential and what else better suits the idea of fitness than YOGA – THE BRAND OF FIT INDIA. Yoga inspires not only souls but also business & that is what we gonna talk about today.

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The Idea Behind Fit India

The goal of the ancient art of yoga is to create harmony between the body and mind. It is essentially a spiritual discipline based on a very subtle science. The Sanskrit word “Yoga” is derived from “Yuj,” which means “to join,” “to yoke,” or “to unify.” This custom practiced by ancient fit India has been embraced by people all across the world and has become a significant component of world pop culture.

But in our hectic lives, the only time we get to run is when we are late for work. Most days, managing a workout schedule is difficult, but you should do what must be done. And yoga is the easiest to follow activity. It is something that can be done in the vicinity of one’s own comfort space every day, even 15 minutes of yoga can leave you feeling refreshed and pure.

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CORE ASANA – One-Stop Shop For Fit India

The innovation of exploring the unknown is what “THE CORE ASANA” is presenting to the world. The Core asana created by young adults Shivam and Shubham Tyagi helps you bring a touch of fashion with health & promised to blend style with fit India. They concentrate on products that will enhance and stimulate your workout experience.

During the lockdown phase when health was of utmost importance to all and the walls made everyone focus on themselves a bit more than usual.

The Core asana tried to make this journey of well-being and fitness more fashionable for every individual by launching several fashionables yet skin-friendly products for workouts. The idea was to create a sense of belongingness by providing a personalized touch of fashion for each individual.

AcuTech Mat, a health and recovery product that uses the science of acupressure, meditation gear, and most recently a comfort wear apparel line with a futuristic approach to sustainability for unrestricted movement and comfort are just a few of the holistic yoga accessories offered by Core Asana. Eco-friendly, multipurpose apparel that can be worn for everything from pilates to eating pizza, from working out to rest, and everywhere else in between.

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Not Only Fit India But A Benefiting Environment-Friendly Product

The core idea is not just to provide fashionable and breathable products but also to make products that do not harm mother earth. The products that were prominent in the market in the past as fit India products were made of plastic and polyester that either harmed the skin or the environment & in most cases both.

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Everyone Is Special – So Should The Products Used

The proposers of the idea believe that when everybody is different then why have the same products and materials for all? Everybody is special and different so should the product worn, fit India must choose their preferred material that they want to workout with.

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Core asana’s products cater to everyone’s uniqueness while also respecting various skin types. Therefore, the products created are diverse and skin-friendly.

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People with sensitive skin often struggled to find the right products, but now Core asana is the next one-stop shop for a fit India which offers all & every possibility to choose from & that too without damaging the environment. which was previously very difficult.

Way Forward To Fit India

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India looks forward to more such innovations while boosting the existing ones. So if you want to add a little fashion and comfort to your next workout session. Do try something innovative and environment-friendly and take the most fashionable step towards health. Anytime Fitness is a shop away. Be fit with the core asana. You can reach them over their social media or over their website

If you liked their products, you can buy it from their Amazon Store.

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