85-YO Desi Couple Launched Hair Oil, Avimee Herbal With 50 Herbs

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Avimee Herbal

It’s never too late to start something new. Truly said, age is just a number. If you have the grit to walk down the lane of your passion, you will see success in the end. 

Two senior retired couples, Radhakrishna and Shakuntala Choudhary, from Surat, Gujarat, became business partners. Along with the growth of Avimee Herbal, the tribe has joined more entrepreneurs who have emerged post-retirement. 

The daughter’s hair fall inspired to retired couple to launch a hair oil Avimee Herbal made with 50 herbals. 

At the age where they should be rejoiced and relaxed, they have mentored a community where their product helps in baldness, hair fall, and other issues. 

Mad4India brings an evolving and inspiring story of Avimee Herbal, an hair oil brand made up of 50 herbs. 

Avimee Herbal

avimee herbal
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It all started when the elderly couple Radhakrishna and Shakuntala Choudhary’s daughter, now a business partner in Avimee Herbal, was complaining about severe hair loss and damage. 

The elderly pair, disturbed to see their daughter in distress, leapt into studying the subject for almost a year. After the course, they made a hair oil that reduced hair fall and improved the texture of their daughter’s hair. 

There was no stopping the 85-YO couple from launching Avimee Herbal. The duo launched the start-up intending to provide toxic-free hair oil to resolve the problems many faces living in the metropolitan city. 

Nearly in every household, home remedies made from natural and ayurvedic products work wonderfully on skin and hair if used consistently. 

Anime Herbal, launched by the 85-YO couple, has given many people the perfect solution for a good hair day. Avimee Herbal vows that quality is never compromised. 

What is Avimee Herbal?

Avimee Herbal is made from the best supplies and is chemical-free. It is made from herbs and ayurvedic, which is beneficial for hair growth, reducing hair fall, and strengthening hair. 

avimee herbal hair oil
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How was Avimee Herbal formed?

It was in 2021 when her daughter started complaining about extreme hair loss. Unlike many other parents, who would suggest using an oil brand or improving their diet, Radhakrishna went one step ahead. 

He started researching the causes of hair fall and would spend hours on the stretch of this cause. After researching and looking through various information, he was bombarded with treatments, masks, and products, but in the end, he decided to use his skin and create oil of his own. 

Impressed with the diligence in his journey, his wife Shakuntala also joined him in his research. Soon enough, both of them were immersed in their research. They came out with a hair oil Amivee Herbal that reduces hair fall and patterns of baldness. 

The duo made hair oil Avimee Herbal with cold-pressed techniques. They don’t use artificial indulges but have more than 50 herbs infused in cold oil like sesame, coconut, and olive, among others. They also intake the usage of essential oil in their product of Avimee Herbal. 

Before crafting Avimee Herbal, the elderly couple tried it on themselves for three months. The result of Avimee Herbal found was astonishing. Later, the hand oil was distributed among close friends and relatives for a better output. 

Avimee Herbal promises quality

avimee herbal oil
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Both Radhakrishna and Shakuntala Choudhary puts quality on top. They do not compromise on quality and provide excellent hair products. 

Avimee Herbal has gained much attention due to its authentic, herbal, and raw hair oil. The start-up has gained momentum and attention and is hovering to solve people’s issues with utmost certainty. 

Apart from providing hair oil, Avimee Herbal also provides other essentials such as sprays and other products. The start-up aims to emphasize individuals’ tastes and preferences. 

The success of Avimee Herbal

Dreams never fade, AND Age Is Just A Number! He Man Buys His First Car At 85 After His Ayurvedic Start-Up Success. The two duos elderly pairs are now business partners and have made it big. 

Mad4India hopes to see more of such spirits who challenge life and fulfill their passion. 

Sources of Information – Website & News18

To know more about Avimee Herbal, please check – Website, Instagram

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