25-Year-Old RJ From Madhya Pradesh Is Using Community Radio To Spread Awareness On Climate Change

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Climate change is in the foreground across the world. It is a persistent topic that has been gagging the human population to sustain its resources and be an eco-person. It is a burning issue, and its effect can be seen in the face of uncertain weather, disruptive temperature patterns, and surging human activities.

Many are contributing in their own way. One such influencer is a climate change activist, 25-year-old Varsha Raikwar, an exemplar of women empowerment from a small village in Madhya Pradesh. She is an RJ (Radio Jockey) in the community radio – radio Bundelkahna and is raising awareness on climate change.

Varsha is one of the climate change-maker and an exemplar of women empowerment who is empowering and educating the general public about the planet Earth.

Over 2.5 lakh listeners from 150 villages tune into Radio Bundelkhand to listen to Varsha Raikwar an icon of women empowerment. The listeners listen with zest to the first-hand reports, advice, and the news of it across. She also emphasizes what can be done to make the planet greener for future generations.

Varsha Raikwar’s voice is for a reason. That reason is climate change.

Mad4india brings the story of 25-year-old RJ who fought from all odds to live her dream and is a vocalwomen empowerment. She is creating an impact by adopting eco-green changes and encouraging the public to do the same.

Climate change RJ & an icon of women empowerment

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It all started when Varsha Raikwar observed the crop yield on her family farm in the small village Niwari in Madhya Pradesh. That was the observation in the young mind of Varsha, who is soon to ponder on the various activities on climate change.

It was not just the yield of crops deteriorating year by year, but she also noticed the dwindling of the forests. She witnessed seeing lush greenery turning into a figment due to human corruption.

Her quest on climate change inspired her to lend her voice to Radio Bundelkhand. Her daily show Shubh Kal is listened to by many.

She loved her voice, and she wanted to use it wisely. Varsha is the first woman in her family to pursue her career, taking the lead in women empowerment in her village. She graduated from a college in Niwari under Jhansi University, and after completing her academics, she took the RJ job, as it was her dream along the way.

Radio Bundelkhand is the first community radio station in Madhya Pradesh and is India’s second. The initiative was taken by Development Alternatives (DA), a scheme to provide sustainable livelihood.

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In her daily show, she talks about prominent topics related to education, agriculture, health, women empowerment, and more.

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The climate change activist’s radio jockey at 90.4 FM Radio Bundelkhand in MP also launched National Geographic’s ‘One for Change’ campaign. It is a short film that will showcase short movies about Earth Day from April 22 onwards. The mini-series will highlight the extraordinary stories of change-makers who have taken steps to make the Earth a better place.

Varsha Raikwar is one of the prominent change-makers and an idol of women empowerment that initiated this campaign. She delivers the awareness message and expects that it reaches the masses for a better cause.

Hailing from a small village and being a woman altogether. It was harder to follow her intention. The notion that runs in the smaller communities that women taking up jobs is not safe is still prevailing, but she proved them wrong by educating society through her voice on the topics of sustainability, women empowerment, and many aspects that affect society.

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She had to go through many obstacles to reach where she is today. Her family was against the job, but gradually they accepted their daughter’s choice. Varsha broke all prejudices to fulfil her dream, giving young girls to be their voice in this journey of women empowerment.

Varsha is using her voice to create awareness about climate change. She and her colleagues have also planted trees in their office.

In her daily show, she speaks to experts who share their conversion on the same and advises how to do a needful.

The climate change activist is also a United Nations Young Climate Leader 2021.

Varsha Raikwar is a climate change RJ and can be termed under the women empowerment list for her diligent work. She is initiating a UN India ‘We the Change’ Campaign.

Her inspiring journey to spread awareness about climate change while following her passion is awestruck to watch. Mad4India bestowed a fulfilling journey in her career and hopes she accomplishes in making the world a better place.

Sources of information – India Today

To know more about Varsha Raikwar, please check – Instagram

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