Harvard return Meeta Sharma is selling wooden toys in India, Changed the Indian toy industry landscape

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Meeta Sharma
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The race to succeed in today’s competitive world starts from childhood. Fearing that a child would lag in the rat race, every parent tries to provide the best facilities and schooling to their kids.

Even before a child speaks, parents shower them with modern age toys, expecting it to help in their growth. The Indian toy market is flooded with plastic toys or toys containing electronic parts.

Meeta Sharma always questioned the safety and effectiveness of these toys available in the market.

Lack of Good Options

When Meeta Sharma returned to India from the US in 2012, she did not find suitable toys for her two years old son. She was looking for options that are safe and helpful for kids development. She believes:

Toys should never guide or drive the kid, it should be an enabler for learning and fun. Play should be 90 percent child and 10 percent toy.

Meeta Sharma
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Meeta Sharma was a computer architect by profession, but as a mother, she had a different vision. Meeta, who graduated from IIT and Harvard University, found it difficult to ignore the gap in the Indian toy market. She wanted to have the right toys that can help kids in the overall growth and development. She wanted to do this not only for her kids, but for all Indian kids.

With no good options available in the market, Meeta Sharma started Shumee Toys“.

Focus on Skill Toys

Meeta Sharma made simple toys for kids that are safe, and would let kids have fun and learn something new. Talking about this, Meera said in one of her interviews that “I was ready to open a company that could fill this gap in the Indian toy market”.

Meeta Sharma
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As a parent, we should not unnecessarily pressure kids to make them competitive. By providing expensive gadgets and toys, we can’t expect them to become successful in the future. We should let them enjoy their childhood and let them decide their future on their own. Shumee is a step ahead in this direction.

The toys offered by Shumee are simple, engaging, and open-ended. All toys are age-appropriate and help kids develop important skills like self-expression, creativity, problem-solving, communication, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills.

Meeta Sharma
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Became Famous Indian Toy Brand

According to Meeta Sharma, it is important to provide an environment to kids where they are free to explore without too much of expectations and restrictions. Shumee Toys works to create a similar environment for children.

Shumee Toys offer toys, games, puzzles, and books that help children have fun and learn something new. Shumee toys are built with the philosophy that toys should never dominate the children. The child should be the operator of the toy. Toys should only be an aid for playing and learning.

Meeta Sharma
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Shumee Toys are made of wood and other eco-friendly materials, making them 100 percent safe for children. Shumee has won the Best Indian Toy Brand in the year 2017 and Best Infant Toy Brand in 2019.

Unique Toys For All Ages

Although you would find a wide variety of toys on offer for all ages, but some toys are quite popular amongst children that include Activity Walker, Activity Triangle, Wooden Rocking Horse. Apart from this, NinjaKi – a balancing game, is also very popular amongst kids.

Meeta Sharma
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The real motive behind this brand is to offer toys that are simple and safe. Such toys rarely have electronic parts and comprise eco-friendly material. Children can easily break and make them up.

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