Darshana Dayat an inspiration and epitome of women empowerment

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Darshana Dayat

Darshana Dayat, a 26-year-old woman from a small village in Maharashtra used the opportunities and resources that were available and became financially independent. Due to a lack of resources and financial difficulties: many people living in rural areas do not get access to education. The lack of skills and education poses a challenge in getting jobs. Many areas in the country are not able to develop due to a lack of opportunities for the needy.

Family Problems and Financial Constraints

Darshana Dayat belongs to Gorad, a small village in Maharashtra. She has a family of seven. Darshana’s parents are farmers. They worked very hard to meet the basic needs of their children. The family faced a lot of financial problems. Sometimes, there was not enough food to feed everyone. After class 12th Darshana had to drop out because there were no funds to support her higher education.

Darshana Dayat
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Responsibility of Entire Family

Unfortunately, Darshana’s father got inflicted with Tuberculosis. Darshana had to step up and take the responsibility of the entire household on her shoulders. There is a lack of healthcare and medical facilities. Children walk many miles to reach their schools every day.

One Year Course in Community Healthcare

A social service organization called ‘Ramakrishna Mission Vocational Training Institute’ offered a one-year medical training in community healthcare in 2015. The course was funded by the organization. Darshana enrolled herself for the course and took the one-year-long training.

Things Learnt at the Course

The course got conducted at Sakwar. She attended classroom and practical training. The training covered the basics of community care, personal hygiene for the community, basics of nursing, mother and child care, care during communicable diseases, patient care, and first aid. Darshana attended on-the-job training.

Darshana Dayat
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Getting a Job

After completing her training, she was offered a job as a trainee at the Highway Hospital in Virar. A salary of 3500 rupees was offered. Over time, her confidence and experience increased. In 2018, Darshana joined the Ajee Care Home in Bhandup, Mumbai. It provides services for the elderly and other patients at home. She was offered a monthly salary of Rs 12,500.

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Doctor Didi an Inspiration for Others

Darshana is managing and supporting her entire family. She is also bearing the expenses of her father’s treatment. In her village, she is known as ‘Doctor Didi’ by many people. Anyone who needs some advice related to some healthcare issue or medicine reaches out to her for help. She tries her best to help others. Other girls have taken inspiration from her journey. Three girls from her village have started working in the same field. Darshana is an inspiration and icon of women’s empowerment. Mad4India covered the story to motivate other women to become independent.

Darshana Dayat
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