Three startup companies that recycle floral waste of temples, Innovative idea to make eco-friendly products

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In a religious country like India, it is quite normal to have flower waste. Every day there are tonnes of flowers finding their way to the several water bodies. These flowers are one reason behind the water pollution in our country which is now a growing concern.

To our happiness and relief, several startup companies like Aaruhi Enterprise, HolyWaste, and HelpUsGreen have come up with a praiseworthy and innovative idea. Let’s understand their eco-friendly business plan. The innovative idea is to use this flower waste and create something useful out of it causing no harm to the environment.

Aaruhi Enterprise – An Innovative Idea by Poonam Sehrawat

Initially, when she had started collecting flowers from temples, she observed that there were waste materials along with the flowers. She had employed people to help her separate the flowers from the waste, but success didn’t come to her overnight. The clean bunch of flowers was washed by rain. She was heartbroken but didn’t give up.

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After days of hard work and constant dedication, she had sold her first order of incense candles on Janmashtami. It’s surprising how they make 400 incense sticks from 3kg of dried flowers. A unique feature of her products is that it’s 100% charcoal and keeps away mosquitoes. She has helped over 200 women to be independent by training them in flower processing and employing them.

Among the wastage, there are many startups who have taken the intuitive of recycling. You can also read about the story of a family who 100% recycles plastic packaging and has earned 1.5 crore in a year.

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Aaruhi Enterprise has products like air fresheners, incense sticks, and showpieces. Poonam Sehrawat has received several awards and recognition for working for a noble cause.

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To know more about Aaruhi Enterprise, please checkWebsite

To know more about Poonam Sehrawat, please check – Facebook

HolyWaste – Making waste look beautiful

Co-founded by Minal and Maya Vivek in the year 2018, HolyWaste is the first from the stables of Oorvi in the waste management and recycling arena. It mainly focuses on floral waste recycling. The innovative idea came to them when their friend and an avid gardener suggested that they do something with the floral waste. That’s when they came up with the plan to use these non-fragrant, dull flowers.

It was easy to convince the people at the temples, but the real challenge was to convince the ones who directly handled the waste. But they overcame that phase too and registered Oorvi Sustainable Concepts under which the work of HolyWaste officially began.

HolyWaste Startup Companies
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Along with working towards a better and pollution-free environment, both of them work for a social cause as well. They have engaged women from the Gundlapochampally to make products using those flowers. These women now have a platform to earn a living and become independent. They have a wide range of products which includes hand-rolled incense sticks, petals, soaps, etc.

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You can buy HolyWaste products from their Amazon Store.

To know more about HolyWaste, please check – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

HelpUsGreen – World’s first lean solution to the temple-waste problem

HelpUsGreen was together founded by two childhood friends Ankit Agarwal and Karan Rastogi hailing from Kanpur. They took this flower cycling technology to preserve the River Ganges from becoming a religious sewer.

The innovative idea first came to Ankit’s mind when his Czech friend visited him in Kanpur during Makar Sankranti. His friend was worried about the sanitary of the river as trucks were offloading flower waste in the same water people were drinking water from.

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After seven months of research and development, they came up with the vermicompost recipe. After this, they started by turning the flowers into incense sticks. They are well known for making the world’s first non-toxic thermocol called Florafoam. They’ve started to market their florafoam products under the brand name of Phool.

Lately, they have also been researching turning flowers into bio-leathers. They also hope to spread their operations further in Varanasi, Mathura, and Vrindavan.

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To know more about HelpUsGreen, please check – Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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