Zerund Bricks – These Magical Bricks Keeps Home Cooler In Summer And Warmer In Winter, Made Of 70% Waste

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Zerund Bricks

Many components are required to build a home or any infrastructure, and one of the many is bricks.

But did you know that bricks are not an environment-friendly thing out there?

The process of making a brick release a lot of pollution, and it sometimes strips the environment of fertile -soil.

With the growing trend of green architecture, a startup from Assam-Zerund Bricks has revolutionized the bricks that are used in construction.

It is a green initiative made of 70% waste and is eco-friendly to the environment. It is made from plastic materials and organic chemicals, making it all worthy to use for construction.

Mad4India brings an eco-friendly and ever-changing story of Zerund Bricks that are making all rounds of sustainability with its organic bricks.

Zerund Bricks story

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Zerund Bricks was started by three friends, David Gogoi, Rupam Choudhury, and Mousam Talukdar, in Guwahati in 2018. They were well known for the negative impact of the conventional bricks and thus came within an alternative.

The three young innovators developed a patent of plastic-embedded lightweight brick. Around 70% of the bricks are comprised of waste materials instead of being fired in kilns which eliminates the carbon emissions.

What started as an idea for a college – project is now a full-fledged company. Zerund Bricks was founded in 2018.

Zerund Bricks are known as plastic embedded lightweight bricks and are used for industrial purposes.
Zerund Bricks are made from ash, cement, organic chemicals, and waste materials. They are more than red bricks.

With the rising climate change and red code for humanity, Zerund Bricks are a game-changer in the construction sector.

With the global pollution rates rising, the hazardous elements are directly impacting the whole environment. Bricks are one of the causes that provide to the destruction of climate change.

Bricks emit a massive amount of CO2, which affects the environment, and we may not feel the repercussions of it, but in the coming 2-3 generations, they will face a severe impact.

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The concept to bring a much-needed change with Zerund Bricks was introduced, then to save the environment.

There is no denying that the construction sector is one of the most polluting factors in the world. And, daily constructions are happening, whether it is for building a home, a residential place, or an industrial sector.

If more and more building sites start using eco-friendly bricks, there would be a definite change in reducing the pollution of the country.

Zerund Bricks are 10% lighter than red bricks. About six conventional bricks make one Zerund Brick. They also have thermal insulation, which means it keeps the home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Many infrastructures are booming at a rapid rate, but it is crucial to understand that this shouldn’t come at a cost to the environment.

Zerund Bricks – Sustaining the environment

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With its innovation and eco-friendly bricks, Zerund Bricks have catered to over 1000+ clients and has sold over 2.5 lakh bricks! These bricks have been used at apartment complexes among other industrial production in Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland, and Assam.

The three co-founders met at college while studying Civil Engineering at Assam Engineering College. They had a project involving environment-friendly materials, and now it’s a business venture.

Zerund Bricks are eco-friendly, lightweight, and are low-cost bricks. Since they are lighter in weighing as compared to conventional bricks, they are easily transported.

Zerund Bricks have zero-emission of gas and zero pollution. They have no toxic nature. They also have no weathering impact, are earthquake resistant, and have thermal and sound insulations.

Adding to the advantages, Zerund Bricks has a social benefit, as it makes society green since it came out as a green waste management technology. It is pest-resistant and has easy workability.

What started as a college project turned out to be a business venture and has become a source of environment-friendly construction for India.

Zerund Bricks are not just famous in Assam but across India. Many dealers and builders have preferred the eco-friendly bricks over the normal red ones which, means they are doing something exemplary for the climate.

It has come a long and fruitful way and is an excellent solution instead of the conventional bricks.

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