Yogita Raghuvanshi – India’s first woman truck driver who’s also a qualified lawyer

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Yogita Raghuvanshi

Yogita Raghuvanshi is nothing less than an inspiration to each one of us. Her decision to take on the tough life on the highways to support her family surprised us and made us proud as well. The journey of becoming a truck driver was difficult considering the judgmental society we live in, but despite all this she made it. With her strong willpower and focus, she stuck by her decision against all the judgments that were thrown at her.

Yogita Raghuvanshi – A little About Her

Yogita Raghuvanshi, a qualified lawyer and presently a truck driver, was born in the state of Uttar Pradesh and grew up in Nandurbar in Maharashtra, along with her four siblings. She pursued her degrees in both commerce and law.

Yogita Raghuvanshi
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She was married off to a man from Bhopal in 1991. The relationship began with a lie said by the groom’s family. They claimed their son practiced law in the Bhopal High Court and this foundation of lie resulted in having an unhappy relationship. But the worst was yet to happen. Soon, she received the news of her husband dying in a road accident after a few years of their marriage.

Why Yogita Became a Truck Driver

Yogita worked as a truck driver after this tragic accident that happened in her life and shook her world. She thought that the amount of money she would earn as a beginner in practicing law would not make ends meet, whereas if she drove the truck, she would have instant wages and better stability.

Yogita Raghuvanshi
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She revealed that if she practiced as a junior to some lawyer and entered the legal profession, she would’ve only got a pittance for several years in the beginning. But the moment she realized that being a truck driver would give her instant wages, she went for it. She also believed that in a country like India that has been growing so rapidly, there would always be a place for a truck driver.

Disapproving Stares and Judgmental Comments

This is no doubt that a woman who was on her way to challenge the archetypal gender roles of society would get judged. The initial phases were full of judgmental comments and hostile stares. They criticized her for the type of clothes she wore while driving. But soon she realized that if she had to make her way in this male-dominated field, she has to turn deaf ears to these comments, become strong and confident.

Yogita Raghuvanshi
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Yogita Raghuvanshi – Determination and Will Power

Yogita has two children, Yashika and Yashwin. When her husband died, they were very young and she had to support her family. She transferred her husband’s company in her name and contacted the former drivers to ply the trucks. Initially, she employed a driver, but that resulted in losses. And then she took the reins in her hand and it changed her life from making losses to making profits. That’s when she realized Glorious Things Happen When You Move.

Her determination and focus paid off when she received the Mahindra Transport Excellence Award and a Mahindra truck in 2013. This unstoppable woman is a part of Shell India’s movement – Glorious Things Happen When You Move Campaign. The campaign focuses on celebrating the indomitable spirit of Indians along with their dreams and inspiring journey.

Yogita Raghuvanshi
Image Source – LinkedIn

On asking, she recalled that her longest journey to date was Bhopal-Kerala-Jammu-Jalandhar-Indore-Bhopal in less than 10 days. She wishes India had more areas to cover. Being the compassionate woman she is, she wants to teach kids whom she sees waiting outside the closed gates of the schools. We’re so proud of everything she has done, is doing, and wish her the best for everything she’ll do in the future. 

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