Reviving The Candle Culture And Lighting Up The Valley, Meet The Kashmiri Women Entrepreneur Mehak Parvez

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Women entrepreneur

Mehak Parvez, a women entrepreneur belongs to the town of Srinagar in Kashmir, India, and is known to be the first women candle maker in Kashmir and we’re so happy and proud of her for starting this business. She has set an example in society and motivated others to start their own as well. Launched during the time of the pandemic, Mehak Parvez now has over 1400 followers on Instagram and that’s from where she receives her maximum order. She also wishes to let this initiative grow wings by taking it further. Needless to mention, her parents are her biggest support system who helps her get the required materials and tools from outside Jammu and Kashmir.

 Women Entrepreneur
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Mehak Parvez – The women entrepreneur who brightens up someone’s day from a distance

Most of us use candles on special occasions to make it even more memorable, beautiful and just create an ambiance. It is no doubt that the bright light of a candle can brighten and lighten up someone’s mood, effortlessly. And the scented candles are just a cherry on the top, it feels. It is a known fact that a room full of lit candles has the power to change the vibe of the entire room. We, the people at Mad4India wish her all the best for expanding her business in the future and keep brightening up people’s moods with her beautiful and fragrant candles.

Mehak Parvez hails from the Elahi Bagh area in Srinagar, Kashmir has started her business of making candles at home as a part-time job. In an interview, The Women Entrepreneur had revealed that she has been interested in making and designing candles since her childhood. The light produced by the candle that could make an entire room glow was what excited her the most. She recalled the time when they used candles to brighten the room in absence of electricity and sometimes to create a joyful ambiance. Mehak Parvez is an engineering graduate from the SSM College of Engineering.

The beginning of reviving the candle culture in Kashmir

As said previously in the article, people in Kashmir used candles as an alternative for light during the absence of electricity but Mehak mentioned in an interview that she had never seen the candle culture in Kashmir. She never found decorative, colorful candles or candles of different shapes in Kashmir. During the lockdown period in 2020, she decided to start her business and her source of inspiration was the spectacular pictures of candles on social media. And that’s how Shamaaque by Mehak, her business, came into existence.

Shamaaque by Mehak – Creating wonders and spreading happiness

The fact that the bright light of a candle can brighten up someone’s day has already been spoken about. So it can be rightly said that Mehak Parvez, a women entrepreneur is on a journey of creating wonders with her artistic skills of making and designing candles and spreading happiness which is the most beautiful thing to do.

After the lockdown eased a little in October 2020, Mehak bought the needed tools, wax, and other materials from outside Jammu and Kashmir. After getting an overwhelming response in just 8 months of starting the business, Mehak Parvez has decided to make a career out of her candle business.

The success story of Shamaaque by Mehak

Mehak has happily said that in just 8 months of beginning her journey, she has received orders for several occasions such as wedding ceremonies, birthdays, festivals, and many others. She also feels glad that she has been able to revive the candle culture which was dead in Kashmir. And we, the people at Mad4India are also happy about stories of women entrepreneurs. And the best part about her business is that she makes customized candles as well, be it fragrance, design, or color, all can be customized. She has also received appreciation from the officials present at an event organized by the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation in Srinagar after displaying different types of candles.

To know more about the women entrepreneur Mehak Parvez, please check – Instagram

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