Really inspiring how Munjaal Kapadia is spreading awareness about women’s health issues through podcasts

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Munjaal V. Kapadia

In our country, many issues related to women’s health are a big taboo. Most people try to avoid conversations related to sex, periods, pregnancy, etc. Talking about women’s health makes people uncomfortable even though these are the most natural issues to exist. Women’s health is often neglected. Dr. Munjaal Kapadia, a gynecologist by profession, decided to raise awareness about these issues through podcasts. The podcasts made by Munjaal Kapadia are fun to hear. At the same time, they are informative and help in raising awareness among the general population.

Munjaal Kapadia’s Podcasts

Dr. Munjaal Kapadia is the Director of Namaha Specialized Healthcare in Mumbai. At times, women are often taught not to discuss sensitive issues relating to health with parents, siblings, husbands, and in-laws. Women keep their health issues as private as possible. They suffer and hide their healthcare issues to a great extent. The podcasts by Dr. Munjaal Kapadia made a wide-reaching impact as Munjaal Kapadia is an expert in the field. People pay more attention to the podcast made by Munjaal Kapadia as it comes from a credible source. Also, even if somebody is suffering from some issue and is avoiding seeing a doctor for reasons like money, lack of awareness, fear of society, etc. This podcast is free of cost, and one can hear them privately.

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Content and Audience of Podcasts

The idea behind the podcasts was to invite some people to talk about personal and intimate issues in an unedited form. The audience would be able to relate to the stories. People shared their real-life experiences through the podcast show which made the message more effective. Dr. Munjaal Kapadia thought that the podcasts would be beneficial for his patients and their families. Surprisingly the show by Munjaal Kapadia was well received. The podcast show spread like wildfire, and many individuals contacted the doctor to appreciate his efforts. Currently, the show has two seasons. The podcast show by Munjaal Kapadia was produced by podcast platform Maed in India.

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Thoughts on Workplace Settings

Even in the workplace, the concept of equality is trending. Munjaal Kapadia believes that due to biological differences, women do deserve some special privileges in the workplace settings. Also, Munjaal Kapadia agrees that men need to be sensitive to these issues. Educating men regarding these issues so that they can help out other women around them is necessary. The podcasts made by Dr. Munjaal Kapadia are not just for females. The podcasts cover a variety of issues that both men and women need to be aware of. The issues discussed in the podcasts are very common and mostly faced by all women at some point in their life. The podcasts also help women who haven’t faced the issues mentioned and make them prepared or at least aware of the existing problems in society.

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The Purpose of The Podcasts

Dr. Munjaal Kapadia talks very openly to his patients. Munjaal Kapadia always wanted to do something for the awareness and betterment of the health-related issues of women. He tries to make them comfortable. Most of the time, when a woman comes to discuss some health issues, they realize they should have come sooner. The purpose is to help people get over their prejudice and approach a doctor. Also, through these podcasts, the barrier of communication needs to be crossed. Women should feel comfortable enough to share these issues, and men should be more open-minded.

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