Shekar Goud – An inspiring story of India’s first triple amputee to climb Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Russia

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Shekar Goud

Shekar Goud belongs to the state of Telangana who didn’t let his disabilities defeat him. He is a live example of never giving up on life and living it to the fullest, no matter what comes in our way.

Success is when someone falls but gets back up stronger every time. And Mr. Shekar Goud proved nothing can stop him from fulfilling his dreams. Not just the state he belongs to, he made every one of us immensely proud of him.

Shekar Goud – A Little About the Hero

Shekhar Goud belongs to the Yadidari district in Telangana and is the first triple amputee to climb Mount Elbrus. Trekking was always his passion, and he found out that trekking is something that gave him excitement, happiness, and pleasure.

In an interview, he had said that he started focusing more on trekking after he became an amputee. It makes us so proud to know that he did not let life take him down and walked through challenges with a brave heart and cheerful smile. It’s quite common to think that amputees are supposed to stay indoors. They can’t do anything in life, but Shekar Goud changed the entire perspective with his achievements.

Shekar Goud is a firm believer in the fact that we can achieve all we want in life if we’re confident, determined, and have a passion for that thing. He mentioned in an interview that there are a lot of things he has planned for the future and is working on making his dreams come true. And we the people at Mad4India wish him nothing but the best.

Shekar Goud
Image Source – Facebook

The Story Behind Being an Amputee

Shekar Goud became an amputee when he was only 18-years-old because of electrocution. It happened on 24th December 2006 when one of his friends played a prank on him. He was sitting on a wall and talking to a friend over the phone and one of a friend came and pushed him out. To avoid hitting his head to the ground, he grabbed a wire, but that was a mistake as he got electrocuted.

He was unconscious and when he opened his eyes; he found himself in the hospital bed. He continued staying in his village after the accident happened, but seeing all his family members crying made him weak, sad, and angry. He then shifted to Hyderabad and live independently. He finished his education till the 10th grade and now works with the Pranaam Hospital for a living.

Shekar Goud
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Shekar’s Life after Becoming an Amputee

Shekar’s right hand after the shoulder, right feet bottom along with the toes, and left leg after the knee are amputated. Like I mentioned before, he didn’t give up on his passion and dreams, no matter what.

By December 2016 he was ready to travel and cycled from Ladakh to Kanyakumari in 48 days without the help of anyone. This success motivated him to do other things. He started taking swimming classes, played badminton, and ran marathons. These activities are part of the list of things he’s passionate about.

Shekar goud
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Shekar Goud’s Success Story

Soon after he took trekking seriously and started doing a few treks in India, he went on a long journey and made his first international trek to the Mount Everest base camp. After reaching there, he found a boost of confidence that convinced him that nothing in life is impossible and he could do it all despite his disability. Right after this he made it to Mount Elbrus in Southern Russia and became the first triple amputee in India to do so.

Shekar Goud
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Shekar Goud’s Upcoming Plans

While talking about his plans, he mentioned that his biggest goal in life as a trekker is to trek to the topmost of Mount Everest. He wishes to travel to every part of the world and connect with different people in different parts of the world.

He said that his life had changed after he became an amputee. He also wants to set up an NGO for people like him and instill hope in them. Every human being, no matter what they lack, may live a beautiful life and should face challenges bravely instead of giving up. 

Shekar Goud
Image Source – Facebook

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