This Assistive Technology Firm Is Helping the Disability Community To Find Employment

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disability community

According to the World Bank report, India is home to around 80 million with PWDs (Persons with Disabilities.) Even today, the stigma the disability community faces are looked upon downwards, which needs to be reckoned for them to have access to better infrastructure, skill development, and employability. 

Their inclusion in the mainstream for the disability community is critical not only for their personal growth but also for the nation’s growth. Despite several government norms and efforts, nothing much has changed. 

There is one enterprise that is diligently working towards the upliftment of the disability community. This enterprise’s assistive-focused eco-system supports and promotes disabled people in finding employment and helping their situations. 

India has 2.1% of PWDs equivalent to the population. In the forefront, the average percentage of employment for people for the disability community in the public sector is 0.54 percent; and in the private sector is 0.28. 

Assis Tech Foundation is empowering disabled people and promoting the situation of the disability community by providing them employment with modern technical software.

Assis Tech Foundation accelerates to provide assistive technology in start-ups and innovators that will positively impact learning, livelihood and living off the Indian disability community. 

Since its inception, the enterprise has been focusing on spreading awareness about the world of the disabled and bringing positive change through the start-ups. 

With an aspiration to empower society, Mad4India brings an inspiring and stimulating story to the Assis Tech Foundation, which is uplifting the disability community. 

Empowering Disability Community

disability community
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Assis Tech Foundation came into existence in 2019 with the sole vision to create awareness about the disability community and create an ecosystem that focuses on start-ups and innovators to accelerate employment for them. 

It was founded by Prateek Madhav, who is the CEO. The co-founder realized that disability is a big problem. Despite the pretence of normalcy and government efforts, the scale of awareness is low. They need to be recognized as a part of society. 

The founder also comprehended that the disability start-up is fragmented in India. It has not reckoned the recognition it deserves. 

It has till now welcomed 11 amazing assistive technology start-ups to the Assis Tech Foundation. 

It is India’s first assistive technology-focused ecosystem to promote disabled people. 

Also, the Assis Tech Foundation realizes that most organizations do not recognize all kinds of disabilities in employment. There needs to be a sharpness in the job for the progressive productivity of the PWDs. 

It is essential to create a map with potential roles for the disability community. 

disability community
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The founder of the enterprise, Parteek Madhav, aspires that with this approach of supporting and uplifting the disability community, and creative employability, they would be able to come under the one percent in the formal economy and rise against poverty, and curb employment. This way, they can lead a dignified life. 

Assis Tech Foundation grasped that technology sees no difference. It doesn’t discriminate, and the assistive technology ecosystem can bring a positive change for the disability community. 

The firm supports 32 start-ups, 85 assistive technology products, 31 patents to brace disabled people and bridge the gap between them. 

It is an enlightening way to oversee this, it’s not just about empowering a section of people. It means giving opportunities in the form of employment that will lead them to have a dignified life. The Assis Tech Foundation recognizes tech start-ups and innovators, to provide them a customary lifestyle. 

In the latest news, the firm has joined hands with Rahul Dravid. It has been claimed to have impacted the lives of 4.6 lakh people in the disability community. 

It is also India’s first assistive technology conclave setup. The mission of Assis Tech Foundation 2030 is to empower 1 billion people in the disability community. It is working towards impacting 3100 with disabilities every day. 

disability community
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Apart from doing a noble deed, it is creating new reforms doe star-ups and innovators in this field. Impacting the lives of the disability community for goodwill grow their livelihood and give their future a normal settlement. 

Notably, Assis Tech Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization that addresses pressing challenges of the disability community. 

It aims to promote a better livelihood for the disabled community. 

Mad4India bestows many successful years that create, bring, and change the lives of PWDs. It also optimizes to see more reliving stories of modern technology and ecosystem software that signifies the betterment of society. 

To know more about Assis Tech Foundation, check – Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

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