Masarat Farooq – From A Home Tutor To Becoming Kashmir’s Youngest Education Entrepreneur

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Depths of oppression lead to heights of character. This phrase fits apt for Masarat Farooq, a Kashmiri home tutor who sums up her journey from tutoring students in a dark room with no electricity to becoming the youngest educational entrepreneur in Kashmir. 

The 29-year-old did not have it easy, there were times when she had to struggle to even get par with the day, but today, she holds a sprawling tuition business. 

Masarat Farooq has become the youngest education entrepreneur who presently teaches up to hundreds of students with her teams of teachers. 

Having confidence in mind and modesty in action, home-tutor Masarat Farooq hailing from Srinagar, has impacted the academics and education of students in Kashmir. 

Mad4ndia brings the story of Masarat Farooq, the woman who started as a home tutor but now owns an institution for teaching students. 

From Home Tutor To The Youngest Educational Entrepreneur

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Hailing from the EidGah area of the old city, from Srinagar, Masarat Farooq took the challenge of creating a dynamic future for all students.

While growing up, some of us gave tuition classes or became home tutors to earn extra bucks. Just like that Masarat’s, the first segment started when she was in 9th class, as she started giving tuition to other students. 

Her father owned a carpet business, but to the financial burden, it had to close down and instituted a small business. But, things got worse when her father met with an accident and was bedridden. That was when Farooq pushed herself in giving home-tutor to students and extra classes to meet the expenses

Masarat studied in a low-key government school but paved her path to becoming an educational entrepreneur. In 20018, she became a home tutor for many young students, and there was no looking back after this. When she was in 12th class, she started teaching at Libra English Academy as an English teacher.

She also worked as a Computer teacher, but when the pandemic broke out, all hopes were shattered. 

Masarat Farooq inaugurated Smart Class, a novel company that now has over 300 hundred students and more than 80 students.

Considering the literacy rate of Kashmir, which is said to be the lowest in the nation, she overturned the rule of thumb by both providing education and employment. 

Journey Of Entitlement 

Apart from having disruptive issues in the family, she never gave up. Even in her teens, she contributed in her way by becoming a home tutor and giving tuition. She now has her Smart Class Home institution with hundreds of students and dozens of teachers enrolling. When she started, she had 3 teachers and 20 students. 

Although she has enthralled herself as Kashmir’s youngest educational entrepreneur. Her journey was not easy. She had to work her way up and enforce herself from any brittle path/ 

Growing up, she sometimes had to study under the street light. She wanted to become a lawyer, but due to financial burden, she had to compromise. Masarat Farooq took the initiative to educate young children and become a home tutor due to her family’s calling. But it was COVID-19 that made her become an educational entrepreneur. 

When COVID-19 struck, everyone was gripped inside their homes. Many people lost their jobs, and many children had to drop out. The education of the students was affected. Considering these factors, along with some colleagues, she started experiencing the home-tutor-to-home class tuition. 

Eventually, she also published ads in the local newspaper for the teachers and shortlisted a few for the new venture. 

Faced with abject poverty to becoming a pioneer in home tuition, Masarat Farooq had to sacrifice herself to earn by becoming a home tutor. She did not indulge in any activities and had to complete her school in severe conditions. 

Masarat Farooq was felicitated for her innovative thinking and courage by the J&K Lieutenant Governor. Once settled with her tuition business, she plans to open a coaching center at Chanapora – Smart Classes Career Institute, where she will teach orphans and children under the Below Poverty Line. 

Master Farooq is a role model and icon of women empowerment. Even after suffering and sacrificing, she raised herself to the top. She worked as a home tutor but also created an empire of her own.

From being a home tutor to settling a tuition business, she had acclaimed herself as Kashmir’s youngest educational entrepreneur which makes her a model for many youngsters and women. 

To teach is to shape the world. Mad4India is delighted to cover this story and aspires to see more. 

Sources of information – Greater Kashmir & India Ahead

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