Our Favourite 8 Sudha Murthy Books – A Fine Collection Of Book For New Readers

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Sudha Murthy Books

Murty is a well-known philanthropist who serves as the chairwoman of the Infosys Foundation and as a member of the Gates Foundation’s public healthcare efforts. Murty’s social work includes healthcare, education, women’s empowerment, public cleanliness, art and culture, and grassroots poverty reduction.

Sudha Murthy’s dedication to making a real difference in society has been critical in her progress, from being India’s first female engineer to running a company like Infosys. Not just a great personality but a great writer too, Sudha Murthy books are enthralling for everyone especially young and new readers.

An impressive writer Sudha Murthy books are well-liked by all. She has written extensively, including stories for kids, in addition to supporting her spouse Narayana Murthy in the formation of Infosys and giving the first funding. Through her writings, Sudha Murthy has implanted in both children and the elderly the habit of reading.

Sudha Murty is a prolific Kannada and English writer who has authored novels, professional books, travel books, short story collections and journalistic works, and children’s books.

Her work has been featured in all of India’s major languages.

So far, her ambition of a library in every school has led to the creation of 50,000 libraries. Libraries are a great source of social upliftment for uplifting the future generation and there are many people striving to achieve this goal for example Meet the inspiring Dr. Kurella Vittalacharya who built a library in his village in Telangana has 2 lakh books

Murty received the R.K. Narayan Award for Writing and 2006, the Padma Shri, as well as the Attimabbe in 2011 for achieving a millstone in Kannada literature from the Karnataka government. 

Sudha Murthy books – our favourite top 8

here is our list of Sudha Murthy books that will fit fine with every reader’s interest. Especially, new readers or kids, kids love reading the right kind of books like Kiara Kaur – An amazing story of a 5-year-old Indian-American girl who sets a world record for reading 36 books in less than two hours

1. Dollar Bahu

Sudha Murthy Books
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The narrative of the Gauramma, with Dollar Bahu Jamuna, and her second simpleton bahu Vinuta is told in Dollar Bahu.

Gauramma constantly prefers Jamuna’s Dollars over Vinuta’s selfless devotion, ignoring what is actually precious – Vinuta’s commitment and unselfish love.

2. Wise And Otherwise

Wise And Otherwise, a nonfiction book is a compilation of fifty tales from Sudha Murty’s real-life interactions with ordinary people and amazing brains while travelling that had a lasting effect on her.

3. Three Thousand Stitches

Sudha Murthy Books
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3000 Stitches is a compilation of 11 short tales based on Sudha Murty’s personal and professional experiences as the chairman of the Infosys Foundation.

Many anecdotes are told in the book, including the rescue & rehabilitative services of 3,000 devadasis of Karnataka, her journey as the sole engineer student in a college packed with guys, her encounters with Bollywood throughout the world, and so on.

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4. Mahashweta

Mahashweta is an uplifting narrative about bravery and endurance in a world filled with illusions and betrayals.

This is the story of Anupama, whose marriage crumbles after being diagnosed with leukoderma. She comes to Bombay, where she achieves success, and respect, and rebuilds her life, overcoming the societal taboo of a married lady who has been abandoned by her husband.

5. The Bird with Golden Wings: Stories of Wit and Magic

Sudha Murthy Books
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In this book, The Bird with Golden Wings, stunning colour drawings brings to life tales of supernatural animals, princesses and monarchs, and regular funny men and women.

Sudha Murty’s collection of 21 stories is just another of her valuable gifts to youngsters, teaching valuable lessons in a simple and approachable manner. This can be a fine read if you want to start with Sudha Murthy Books

6. The Upside Down KingUnusual Tales about Rama and Krishna

The Upside Down King is a compilation of 23 Indian mythology-based short tales. It is separated into two parts: tales from Lord Ram’s life and lineage, and tales from Lord Krishna’s life and ancestry.

After each narrative, there is a description of the location associated with that story.

Sudha Murty invites you on an enthralling journey, telling you about a time when demons and deities strolled interact with humans, animals could communicate, and gods bestowed the most magnificent boons on ordinary people.

7. How the Sea Became Salty

Sudha Murthy Books
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How the Sea Came to Be The first section book in Puffin’s Chapter Book series is Salty.

The story takes place many years ago when sea water was said to be delicious and drinkable. It tells the story of how the sea became salty.

It is appropriate for very new readers and is an excellent way to expose them to Sudha Murty books.

8. Gently Falls the Bakula

Gently falls the Bakula tells the narrative of Srimati and Shrikant, two people from opposing communities who become lovers. The book’s finest feature is its portrayal of the characters.

Sudha Murty’s work hits close to home experience since a lot of us have witnessed similar events near us. The narrative is straightforward, and the attention is solely on the two protagonists.

Sudha Murthy Books are as impressive as her life and if you are still unaware of the wonders she has under her name then you must read about Sudha Murthy – First Woman To Pursue Engineering Inspires Millions Through Her Simplicity & Remarkable Achievements

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