Fatema Barodawala Self-Funded Her Startup And Is Now Winning Hearts With Varieties Of Designer Cake

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Indians and sweets go hand in hand. Whether it’s a designer cake, pastry, or gulab jamun, we devour sensually that it makes our stomach full but our heart craving for more. 

There are so many courageous people in life who have carved their paths and done something remarkable. They are more than their fears and bigger than how they feel.

With sweetness overloaded, Mad4India brings an inspiring story of Fatema Barodawala, who left her abusive marriage during her pregnancy and self-funded her start-up – Cakelicious. 

This Indian baker is a single parent, but her ambitions never left her. And today, she provides services and takes orders for varieties of desserts such as designer cake, pastries, fluffy pies, macrons, and much more. 

Designer Cake & Desserts By Cakelicious

designer cake
Image Source – Instagram

Fatema Barodawala, a resident of Kolkata, founded Cakelicious in 2020. She started as a cloud kitchen in a patisserie, but then she decided to leave her cushy job and opened Cakelicious – where designer cake, muffins, pastry, fluffy pie, cookies, and many desserts are provided. 

She started Cakelicious by introducing cakes in tubs. She aimed to provide affordable and hassle-free designer cake and pastries in tubs for a small gathering celebration. Soon after, the idea was a huge success, and Fatema received many orders. 

The earnings from the home bakery business were spent on buying industrial machines. 

Soon, the designer cake shop and the café – Cakelicious were launched. 

Everyone loves designer cake, and if served with delicious cream and fresh fruits, it becomes a guilty pleasure for all dessert lovers. 

Fatema now provides a complete package of designer cakes, pastries, fluffy pies, and much more. She bakes and makes people happy with her cakes. Cakelicious has grown leaps and bounds. 

The stepping stone of making fluffy designer cakes and cupcakes was not easy and Fatema Barodawala had it tough. She was bounded in an abusive marriage, which she left when she was pregnant. 

When she started it, she worked for 18 hours throughout her pregnancy for her dream bakery. 

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Soon after she gave birth to her baby girl, she started a cloud kitchen where she would work and carry her daughter along the way. 

designer cake
Image Source – Instagram

Fatema then started a patisserie, a cloud kitchen where she would provide the service of yummy delicious designer cake, and opened a café in a few months. 

The start-up received immense attention and many customers liked the taste of it, and the business took off god speed where Cakelicious made 30 lakhs gross that year. 

Well, there was no turning back for her. 

Today, Cakelicious offers a wide range of designer cakes, muffins, cookies to pastries. Fatema Barodawala takes up orders for surprise birthday parties and other celebrations. 

Being a single parent and handling a running business was not easy, but she did it. From her passion to make a designer cake to many sweet desserts, she is now operating a full-fledged cake shop and café. 

Fatema is a role model for young women who feel that their paths have been lost and hopes have been crushed. Her zest to conquer her dreams is sublime. 

designer cake
Image Source – Instagram

For Fatema, her family is her greatest support and priority. They stood with her in all ups and downs.

Cakelicious started with designer cakes and desserts through a cloud kitchen, but today it provides service to all customers through its café and shop. 

Mad4India wishes the heartiest congratulations to Fatema Barodawala for her career in designer cake and hopes that her start-up favors many great opportunities. 

To know more about Fatema Barodawala, please check – Instagram

To know more about Cakelicious, please check – Instagram

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