He is blind but a photographer. Read to know more about visually impaired Pranav Lal

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इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पड़े – नेत्रहीन फोटोग्राफर, प्रणव लाल

Everyone has got a unique talent, but we need to realize and hone it up. And if you work hard and focus on your goals, there is nothing which is impossible. This story of Pranav Lal is a lively proof of the same. He motivates you to go for your dreams, irrespective of the factors surrounding you.

Being blind from childhood, Pranav Lal accepted this and moved ahead in his life. This made his life difficult, but he never let it become a hindrance in achieving his goals.

Who is Pranav Lal ?

32-year-old Pranav Lal is blind since birth, but he is an excellent photographer. Using technology and creativity, he has challenged the stereotypes associated with the blind. With no professional training, Pranav Lal puts life in his pictures.

Apart from being a photographer, Pranav is also fond of swimming and martial arts. He works as a cybersecurity expert and enjoys working on new technologies. He also enjoys writing blogs, and he is very disciplined in his life.

In 2001, he came to know about a software called VOICE, which claims to provide a visual experience to the blind. This software helps in converting images into sound. You can hear those sound via a headphone and visualize it.

Pranav Lal
Image – Pranav Lal
Image Source – Twitter

What is Voice Software

This software is designed by Dutch physicist Dr. Peter B.L. Meijer. This software runs on the Vision to Sound Map system. It runs on Microsoft Windows, Android, and Linux.

Pranav has a camera and video glasses with a camera fixed in it. Pranav also needs earphones with it. The camera fixed in his glasses captures the surrounding images and converts it into sounds.

In sound mapping, it divides the image into three parts. The volume of the sound tells the brightness of the scene. The louder the sound, the brighter the object. Similarly, as the subject moves from left to right, its stereo headphones describe its position. Finally, the pitch of the sound indicates the height of the subject. However, it is not as easy as it sounds; it requires a lot of focus and concentration.

This software works as an Artificial Eye, that helps Pranav feel things without touching them. It helps Pranav in experiencing a lot of new things.

Pranav Lal
Image Source – Twitter

Journey of Pranav Lal

With support from his parents and loved ones, Pranav Lal has always led a life of self-sufficiency. He never let his troubles become a hindrance. He has never kept himself away from anything – be it studies or the camera world.

As a child, he had some difficulty with Maths, but he understood all the other subjects easily. He has done his master’s degree in business management. He works with a corporate firm in New Delhi and takes part in photography workshops whenever he gets a chance.

Dream Project of Pranav Lal

Pranav is fond of capturing things that humans cannot touch, such as clouds, sky, and mountains. He loves to click landscapes. He dreams of taking a picture of our Earth from the “International Space Station” and a photo of a blazing volcano crater.

Beautiful Photography by Pranav Lal
Image – Photography by Pranav Lal
Image Source – Twitter

Pranav Lal believes that we can deal with all obstacles in life, but the most important thing is to stay content and happy. And that’s why, as a hobby, he never forgets to take his camera on his travels. This makes him extremely happy.

Pranav Lal
Image source – Twitter

Pranav Lal
Image source – Twitter

To know more about Pranav Lal, please check – Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog.

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