Anjali Roy Battles Cancer, Loses Her One Leg But Didn’t Lose Her Passion For Dance

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How many times have we felt disheartened due to a minor setback in life? One small inconvenience and we cave back into our shells. Anjali Roy, on the other hand, has her life turned upside down, but she still smiles and dances to the tunes of life.

Anjali Roy was 11 years old when she discovered that she had been diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a cancerous tumour in a bone in her left knee. After some deliberation, the doctors amputated her left leg. Despite intensive counselling and a motivational boost, she refused to move past her trauma.

But, after years of self-pity and depression, she decided to fight back. Her weakness became her strength. For a person who started dancing at age six, it seemed to be the end of her dreams. But she never let her hopes or dreams dance.

Mad4India brings the story of Anjali Roy, one of many inspirational stories that inspired many, with sheer courage and a never-ending attitude.

Cancer Had Taken Her Leg, But Not Her Passion

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Back in 2013, when she was 11 year old, Anjali was diagnosed with bone cancer. The amputation of her leg left her shattered, but not her spirit. She began dancing—the one form that made her feel alive. As a result, she became famous as the one-legged dancer git.

Anjali Roy walks with a prosthetic limb but does not dance with one. It was not easy on her. It prepares her mentally, physically, and emotionally to rediscover her passion for dancing.

A year later, after the cancer surgery, she picked up her ghungroos. Throughout this journey, her parents were equally supportive. Despite the family’s lack of resources, Amit, a garment factory worker, and Rita made sure the young girl attended school and danced. Anjali couldn’t travel to her dance school, so special arrangements were made to ensure a dance instructor came home to teach her.

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Many people would grumble in the face of the situation, but not Anjali Roy. Even before the surgery, she went into counselling and was made to watch Naache Mayuri while she was convalescing in the hospital.

The movie was based on the life of Bharatanatyam dancer and actor Sudha Chandran, who lost her leg in an accident and is the subject of the biographical movie Naache Mayuri. The narrative describes how she eventually regained her ability to dance after receiving an artificial Jaipur foot.

Dancing On The Groove Of Life

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Since then, she has never stopped dancing. Anjali Roy has attended and participated in many concerts.
Some of these concerns are fundraisers for the cause of children battling cancer.

Anjali Roy did not lose her courage or spirit by stepping down from her dreams. It was due to her family’s support and her counselling sessions.

Anjali, who is now 16 years old, was congratulated by the South Point Ex Student’s Association (SPESA) on Poila Baishak, marking the culmination of the effort. The girl performed beautifully while being accompanied by Dr. Arnab Sengupta (vocals), the director of SGCRI and a South Point alumnus, to Tagore’s timeless song “Mor Beena Uthe Kon Shure Baji.”

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Anjali Roy is an inspiration for many people who feel they have nothing to live for. She fought cancer, got amputated her leg, but she never faltered. She took the liberty to change her life and follow her passion – that was dancing!

Mad4India wishes many happiness to Anjali Roy, and aspires to see her growing in stage and life. She is an exemplary for many young women who feel they have lost the motive of life, but still there are dreams to be fulfilled.

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To know more about Anjali Roy, please check – Facebook

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