5 Indian Startups Winning The “Save Earth” Game – Fighting Climate Change Like a Warrior

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Our Planet is in a Climate Calamity – ” A CODE RED FOR HUMANITY ” & we all need to Save Earth. Globally, the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the atmosphere are creating havoc and putting lives, economies, health, and agriculture at risk. According to the 2019 report, 850 million metric tonnes of greenhouse gases were generated by plastic, and 250 million tonnes of plastic will hit the ecosystems by 2025.

India With a population of 1.4 billion inhabitants, is the world’s second-most populous nation and the third-highest source of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions after China and the United States Of America.

The rise in the global temperature of the atmosphere because of the emission of greenhouse gases resulted in a slew of negative repercussions. Global average temperatures, most of us are careless & busy in our respective lives but some of our fellow citizens are on a bigger mission in life, & it is – ” save earth”.

5 Indian Startups Winning The Mission “Save Earth”

1) AmplePac – Lifecycle Management Company

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The Founder and Managing Director Arpita Kalanuria studied Entrepreneurship at IIM Banglore in 2016 and chose to establish her own business in Mumbai in the field of sustainability. AmplePac and Arpita both promote a zero-waste lifestyle to save earth. Amplepac is a sustainable packaging and packaging lifecycle management company. They design, manufacture & manage large-scale FMCG packaging by manufacturing metal containers and reusable packaging.

They use blockchain-based technology of RETURN, STERILISATION & REUSE OF METAL CONTAINERS and their packaging goes through 50+ cycles before being recycled. The mission “save earth” has always been the driving force for the firm & they are making all of us future-ready.

2) Oizom – Cleaning Climate

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This Ahemdabad-based startup founded by Ankit Vyas, Sohil Patel, and Vrushank Vyas works toward cleaning the environment and helping control climate change. Oizom focuses on real-time air quality monitoring for industries with advanced data analytics, and with the help of patented e-breathing technology, Oizom monitors various environmental parameters like air quality, polluting and toxic gases in eco, odourful gases, noise, weather conditions, radiation, etc along with the highest accuracy even in extreme environmental conditions.

Their envizom is a cloud-based data visualization and analytic software, they provide a mobile app, pollution heatmap, automated reports, and smart alerts, to their users for better analysis of air quality. They have installed 129 air quality monitors in nine smart cities in India. They very well understand that all of us must be a part of the mission “save earth” because alone nothing can be changed.

3) Takachar – Harvesting Value From Waste

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In 2018, Vidyut Mohan and Kevin Kung created Takachar, which is on a mission to combat climate change by converting waste biomass and lowering air pollution to produce marketable goods like solid fuel and fertilizers that provide farmers with a new source of income from the biggest agricultural sector in the world—India. One of the major causes of air pollution in North India is paddy residue burning and with the help of Takachar’s innovative technology they can turn agricultural waste into biochar or bio coal – a modernized form of charcoal. Takachar converted 3,000 tons of biomass waste in 2020 into useful products.

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IN 2021 Takachar won the Earth shot prize in the “Clean our Air” category for the initiative in climate change an award set up by price William and the Royal Foundation. “save earth” is just not thought but a part of life & with this startup, the team is creating a cultural change.

4) Saathi Pads – Good For Earth

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Saathi began in 2015 in the state of Gujrat by Kristin Kagetsu, Tarun Bothra, and Grace Kane. Saathi manufactures eco-friendly, zero-waste hygiene products. In India, only 16% of women have access to sanitary napkins and 82% of females lack knowledge about hygiene and sanitary products, and the lack of awareness led to poor menstrual hygiene which causes reproductive and urinary tract infections in females. Saathi manufactures plastic-free sanitary napkins from the stem of the banana plant which usually gets thrown out by farmers after the harvest, the banana stem is rich in fibres, and with the help of machines, Saathi turns it into a compostable, biodegradable, quickly absorbing, and chemical free sanitary napkin under save earth project.

The winner of Sustainable Ocean Alliance 2021, Saathi pads are not only helping in climate change but also improving and empowering the lives of women.

5) Aleo E Cell – A Battery Made Of Nature’s Extracts

Aleo E Cell was Founded in 2018 by Nimisha Varma and Naveen Suman, World’s first 100% eco-friendly Batteries, made up of Aleo vera extract, non-explosive, non-toxic. In India, 97% of batteries are composed of zinc carbon, which contaminates ground and surface water and enters our food chain over time, these small batteries are non-rechargeable and non-recycled, and in less than 2 decades it has become the fastest-growing waste on the earth. Aleo e cell is made up of widely available raw materials like aloe vera and the herbal electrolyte which helps in controlling climate change, and air & land pollution, it has better durability than a battery filled with zinc-carbon. Aleo E-Cell is a perfect example of the mission “save earth”.

Winner of National Startup Award by Startup India, Global Winner & Best bold Idea Of the World By Schneider Electric. These power green batteries are budget friendly and come with an AA Size of 1.5 V for a more stable voltage than existing batteries.

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