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Using Applied AI, A Farmer’s Son Creates A Device That Allows Crops To Talk & Express Their Needs

Fasal using applied AI which means ‘crop’ in Hindi is an Artificial intelligence startup, that provides data-driven, smart farming techniques that check soil type,...
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From Peon To Assistant Professor, Mandal Worked Tirelessly for 20 years – A Role Model For All

Life is like a crazy roller coaster ride, it’s unpredictable! But remember Your hard work will always pay off in the end. From peon...
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Your Household Waste Is Gold – Make Rich Compost For Plants At Home The Easy Way

Indian kitchen is the mitochondria of your home ( I mean the powerhouse, remember class 9th science lesson). Your kitchen has almost all the...
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5 Indian Startups Winning The “Save Earth” Game – Fighting Climate Change Like a Warrior

Our Planet is in a Climate Calamity – ” A CODE RED FOR HUMANITY ” & we all need to Save Earth. Globally, the...
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Ready To Welcome Winter skin? –  5 SuperHealthy Homemade Moisturizers Are Already In Your Kitchen

From clean beauty to Homemade treatments to a Ten step Korean skincare routine, 2022 is filled with all types of skincare experiments. Today not...
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This cloud kitchen is seasoned with love, at 64 Nirmala Discovered Herself & Winked At Women empowerment 

Covid19 was a monster of its kind & it was full of stories, primarily sad and gloomy stories but some were incredibly epic battle...
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