This Valley Of Flowers Blooms Every 12 Years – Shrawan Kumar Of The 21st Century Visited Carrying Mother On Shoulders To Fulfil Her Dream

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We all know about the valley of flowers located in Chamoli, Uttarakhand, which is known for its endemic alpine flower meadows and diverse flora. But the stunning valley of flowers in Kerala is still hidden from most of the world.

One of the reasons why this valley of flowers in Kerala is hidden from most of the world is because it blooms only once every 12 years.

Monocarpic plants- Kurinji flowers gregariously bloom in a single season. Such plants are referred to as “plietesials.” Various Kurinji species take a different amount of time to develop. As a result, the blossoming times of different Kurinji species vary. Neelakurinji grows to maturity and blooms regularly every 12 years.

Many of us are learning about this valley of flowers in Kerala for the first time, but many had their bags packed and ready to go as soon as the bloom occurred. People with a zest for life had planned to visit this location for years in order to witness another natural wonder. One such person is this 86-year-old mother who dreamt of visiting this valley for years.

Lesser known valley of flowers
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Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, a little girl’s dream was to visit this awe-inspiring valley of flowers. The valley’s captivating beauty drew her in so much that she resolved to visit it someday. However, visiting this heavenly place was not an easy task. She had to wait years to fulfil her dream since life happened and she never had enough time to visit it when it bloomed.

Finally, at the age of 86 years, Elikutty paul was able to live this dream of her’s with the help of her sons Rojan and Sathyan. Tho this journey was no cakewalk for any of them. No success story is an easy tale, just like Hiware Bazar, An Indian Village With 60 Millionaires – suffered a lot of things to become a successful village.

Travelling To The Valley Of Flowers

Elikutty Paul, a citizen of Muttuchira in the Kottayam District who suffers from age-related ailments, told one of her sons that she wanted to see the rare flowers that had bloomed in Idukki, a neighbouring district. Her sons decided to take their mother to purple heaven after learning about her desire to see the flowering of Neelakurinji flowers at the valley of flowers in Kerala.

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For the initial 100 km, these two brothers took her in a jeep and reached Kallipara hills near Munnar.

After reaching Kallipara, the valley of flowers was just 1.5 km up in the hills of Munnar but here the problem was the lack of road connectivity. They realised they couldn’t use the vehicle to reach the summit of the hill any further.

But as the saying goes – ‘Nobody can stop a stubborn man & a determined woman. The brothers’ determination was as firm as the hill itself, & they were stubborn to fulfil their mother’s dream at any cost.

Shrawan Kumar’s of 21st century.

The sight of an elderly woman being carried by her two sons must have felt like something out of a Bollywood film. –

Without hesitation, the two brothers heaped their mother over their shoulders and began hiking the monstrous mountain. They took turns and finished the hike panting heavily yet filled with joy after seeing their mother’s reaction. She was at the pinnacle of contentment. The dream of a young girl was fulfilled after years of waiting but at the sight of one of the most beautiful views in the world. The wait to watch the valley of flowers in Kerala was indeed worth it all.

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