Becomes The First Indian President Of Harvard, Had Visionary Best Business Ideas Only At 16 – He Is A Role Model For ‘How To Dream Big’

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The visionary youngster Mr Sharad Vivek Sagar needs no introduction. There are various titles that usually refer to him. The most popular being – Vivekanand of the 21st century, with that one statement I suppose enough is said.

To the few who are still wondering what’s so special about this man what are his big achievements? Here is the inspiring story of this Bihar boy, which everyone must know about.

Best Business Ideas – Learn while you grow

When attempting to list Mr Sharad’s accomplishments, words fall short. Every big tree began as a sapling, and for that tree to thrive, nurturing at an early age is critical. But Sharad was a mango plant that grew in Thar desert and believe us he grew really well.

Mr. Sharad belongs to a small village in Bihar named Zerdei. A place where even the newspaper came one day late, still since childhood he was put into a habit of reading newspapers. In my view for one to be successful, the biggest role is played by his/her parents and in making him a voracious reader the A Guiding Hand were his parents.

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Sharad as a child was on home tuition for initial 12 years before he actually joined a school. As a story writer and analyst, I wonder how futuristic his parents must have been who despite not being extremely well educated thought of educating this child in a completely different way.

The Ones Who Create Their Own Wings Are Destined To Fly

Sagar, who spent the first 12 years of his life unable to attend school, started Dexterity Global at the age of 16. Global acclaim has been accorded to Sagar’s commitment to developing grassroots leadership via educational and training opportunities.

The pioneer- Mr. Sharad was unstoppable when it came to reaching heights because he was raised to dream big. He had always been a hard worker, but because he had little access to resources and wasn’t even enrolled in school, he used to feel inadequate in the competitive world. But for individuals with a strong will and skill, nothing can stand in their way, he began to think through his obstacles.

When he was younger, he kept a notebook in which he would record all the motivational stories he had read in the news and took the decision to enter competitions as soon as he started attending school. He was provided with the opportunity to enrol in a real school when he was 12 years old, and by the time he was 16 years old, he was already shining brightly and had won more than 200 local, national, and international awards.

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While growing up he paved his way to a visionary and the best business ideas. He was honored as the youngest guest expert in the iconic quiz show hosted by Mr Amitabh Bachchan – Kaun Banega crorepati. From Mr Bachan to the former US president Mr Obama all were amazed by this journey. He was invited to the White House for a special gathering of young leaders in 2016

He also became the president of the student government at the Harvard school of education. That is the reason why he is rightly said a Visionary entrepreneur.

A visionary superhero who doesn’t wear a cape

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During his journey to success, he faced, hurdles one being proper school and knowledge of the right opportunity at the right time.

When he was a youngster, he noticed that not many children from rural India have the opportunity to realise their full potential. He believed that since they lack resources and education, children in rural areas wouldn’t even dare to dream big. Instead, of complaining about destiny and systems at the very young age of 16, he founded an educational platform DEXTERITY GLOBAL, an organization that helps the next generation through educational opportunities and training. He became the superhero who wears no cape but a smile.

He also referred in his speech at Swaraj Priyadarshini,

It was clear to me that it is not just hardword that takes you from A to B. You need to know what opportunities are there for you.

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Sharad belonged to a small-rural family & quite often he faced a shortage of funds. Initially, he used to use his pocket money and the money he received as prize for his dream project but later when the shortage of funds tried stopping him he opted to do various odd jobs to help his pocket, out of many he recalls, he even worked as a dishwasher in the college dining hall.

The proud Indian

As it is rightly said, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Soon Sharad was offered a scholarship worth 4 crore to study at Tufts University- US, from where he did his bachelor’s in International relations and Entrepreneurial leadership.

More stars were added to his achievement board when he was listed on the Global Forbes 30 under 30 lists at the age of 24. Not many indian kids are making to the list of top 30 but we have some we can be proud of like Gitanjali Rao- The Young Indian Scientist, Her innovative ideas Made Her The Global Kid Of The Year 2020

Future In The Hands Of The Visionary

All his achievements fell short when he was compared to the legendary Swami Vivekanand. Rightly referred by a publication named Divy Bhaskar “Mr Sharad- Vivekanand of the 21st century”. Through his efforts and will he made the unexpected, a reality.

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An idol for many Mr Sharad did not stop there and in 2021 went on to do his master’s from the Harvard graduate school of education on a scholarship. There, he was elected the student union’s first Indian president. A kid who was not even enrolled in school became the first student to represent India in an institution that has a history of decades.

Over 6.5 million young people are served by Sagar’s organisation, which also creates local role models for communities in rural towns and villages throughout India. Alumni of Dexterity have established successful businesses, won prestigious national and international honours, and obtained scholarships totalling more than 720 million INR from prestigious institutions across the globe. More than 85% of these kids originate from low-income homes thanks to Dexterity’s innovative financial aid strategy.

According to Forbes, Dexterity is “equipping young people with the attitude to address 21st-century challenges,” while The Telegraph stated that it is “creating the future of India.” Really the story of this young man is a story that motivates you to leave your chair and create marvels.

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