How Virtual Learning In India Is Transforming Day-By-Day With The Advancement In Technology?

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Virtual Learning

Virtual learning is way too different from what 90’s kids experienced. Why it was always the case that whenever we missed school, something exciting used to happen? Like the maths teacher would be on leave, the class will get an extra games period, no uniform checks and so on. However the burden of coming the next day was heavier as we had to borrow notebooks and copy everything we missed. But the meaning of missing school is not the same for today’s kids as they believe in virtual learning. They have Whatsapp, an easy alternative for asking notes.

Virtual Learning
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Today’s generation is at ease in terms of education as technology has flourished way more than expected and it has found loop holes in the form of virtual learning. It has transformed their lives and made things easy and understandable for them. Let’s understand the ways in which technology has contributed towards education.

What is the role of technology in virtual learning & modern education?

Technology has made learning easy as well as interesting as the idea of virtual learning alone is exciting for kids. While we were a child, we always wanted to study or work on a laptop and now the new generation kids can actually access the dream we saw in our childhood. Now-a-days colleges and schools are operating with smart classes and they even have an educational platform for assignments and homework.

Virtual Learning
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Let us understand in depth that how technology is transforming the conventional ways of education to virtual learning.

1. Easy access to information through virtual learning

One of the major contribution of technology in education sector is that it has increased the ocean of accessible information for children. Virtual learning has opened the gateway of knowledge that was once restricted. Children can easily access online libraries overseas, digital textbooks, and educational videos that have a wealth of knowledge on almost all subjects. Virtual learning has made it possible to learn from the best educators in the world without leaving home.

2. Proved that learning has no age

Virtual Learning
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Virtual learning and the advancements in technology supported the learners of all age. If somebody wants to enroll in a degree in his 30s then the idea of going to college and learning with the teenagers might be a doubtful thought but virtual learning cleared the air for such people. Now anybody can learn at any age by sitting in any corner of the world and all the credit goes to the innovative advancements in technology.

2. Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to assignments, we all need some creative idea for our own reference. Artificial Intelligence is a new-age ninja which is helping kids in generating ideas that can help them develop a base setup for their projects and assignments. Artificial Intelligence is also an interesting virtual learning tool that helps you find the information you need from the ocean of information available online.

3. Personalized Learning

In the early age there used to be a class of 50 students where the shy and slow learners were ignored often. But, the modern era has different rules for functioning as it has an option of personalizing learning for everyone as per their own pace. Not with the help of virtual learning, students can create their own space and get individual feedbacks through platforms like google meet to help improve better.

4. Virtual Reality

In the earlier times, we used to read about a topic and create our own imagination for understanding things. But technology today is helping students engage better with the subject by creating interactive experiences in video and audio formats. The new age virtual reality technique was much needed.

5. Internet of Things (IoT)

The real-time communication facilities between the students, their parents, and the educational institutions are helping the guardians in managing the growth record of their child effectively. They can easily have a chat with the teacher and take weekly feedback of their kid unlikely the earlier days where parents had to wait for monthly parent-teacher meetings to have one-on-one conversation with the teacher.

6. Online Education

Virtual Learning
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Virtual learning was discovered during the pandemic times and it made lives easy and convenient. Parents were worried about the safety of their child during the pandemic and keeping this in mind, the institutions came up with an effective solution of providing online education to avoid any break in their journey.

Technology is evolving day-by-day and transforming the ways of education as well. But everything that has advantages has its disadvantages as well. It purely depends on us as how are we going to consume it. So far, technology has uplifted the educational patterns and ways of learning and made things easier for students. It unlocks the potential that can create a brighter and more equitable future for learners of all ages and background.

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