Unsure How To Do It All In Just 24 Hours? Here Are Top 10 Time Management Skills, Each Corporate Employee Needs To Grow

By Akarshi Srivastava | 4 min read

time management skills

Are you tired of waking up every day and living the same day on a loop for so long? Well, this is the life of half the population in India because the corporate world is disciplined in such a manner that it leaves us less time for managing our personal lives and hobbies.

Time management skills are not valued much as we are too lazy to get up, research and make a desired schedule according to our life cycle. Sometimes we miss our family gatherings or forget to sit with our parents and ask them about their lives because we are too occupied in the hustle and bustle of our own lives.

But it affects us in the long run, as we don’t appreciate what we have until it becomes a need again. To avoid this, Mad4India brought you 10 time management skills that can help you balance your goals and family together, leaving you some me-time as well.

What is Time Management?

Time Management skills
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All of us get 24 hours a day but still, some people are ahead of us in many phases of life. Time Management is the art of sorting priorities in life and working efficiently. It can help you plan your day in a manner that will leave you time for everything. Hobbies should also take some time off your busy schedule, as it is never too late to live life to the fullest. So, to make sure your day is divided perfectly, you should apply some time management skills and make a table that is mentally, physically and emotionally healthy for you to follow.

Understand the importance of time management

Time management skills
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According to a report published by the WHO, 58% of Indians suffer from anxiety and depression issues that trigger them a lot in life. Most of this is because people let the low emotional conditions absorb them completely. We don’t have time to release the mental exhaustion of our corporate life and that takes a toll on our body. Time management is the art of handling everything in life while still being at peace and feeling relaxed towards the end of the day.

It gives us immense satisfaction as we lay on our beds, thinking that today we were able to do everything we wished for. Have a look at these 10 time management skills that everybody, especially youngsters, should follow.

10 Time Management skills every young mind should know!

1. Understand the purpose

Among the most important time management tips for work is that first, you need to understand the purpose of doing any task in life. It cannot be this way that you do everything everyone says because then it might not bring out the best of your efficiency. So, the first thing you need to do is understand the purpose of a task to avoid unnecessary wastage of time in exhaustion.

2. Avoid multitasking

Time management skills
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Do one work at a time as it brings out the best of your knowledge? Concentrating on several different things might affect your quality of work as well as it absorbs more time than it should in reality. So, do one task at a time, this will help you do so much as a whole.

3. Stay Focused – avoid distractions

Modern generation and distractions go hand-in-hand. But we all agree that life was much more sorted when we did not own a smartphone. So, try to switch off the notifications from all the social media platforms and maintain a do-not-disturb mode whenever you have something important to finish.

4. To-do list

Time management skills
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The best time management tips for work anybody can follow is to make a to-do list. We are all humans and there is always a scope of some mistake by us. So, you don’t miss out on an important deadline, it is advisable to make a to-do list before starting any work.

5. Set your priority

You might wonder on what basis you make a to-do list at work. Well, it is not an easy task when you have so much on your plate and you have to decide what should you do first and what to keep for the last. But you should manage your priorities based on deadlines, relationships, and your interest to make a to-do list. Do it for 7 days and you will understand why time management is important.

6. Set your goal appropriately

Before starting any work, you should set a time frame in your mind that you will be spending on finishing that task. Keep reminding yourself of your own deadline. This will help you establish a strong goal every day.

7. Take sufficient break

Sometimes we try to work for long hours at a stretch. This might be considered a good habit if we look from the employer’s perspective but it is not good at all on a employee’s side. Sitting and trying to concentrate for so long reduces your productivity and makes you sensitive to many diseases. So, it will increase your time expenditure on any task and to avoid that it is advisable to take a 15-minute break in every 3 hours.

8. Exercise

Time management skills
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Working out or doing some physical exercise every day helps you establish a strong mindset. It increases your imagination arena and generates more creative ideas in your mind saving your time.

9. Take a healthy diet

Time Management skills
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If you miss out on a healthy breakfast in the morning, then lack of nutrition can reduce your energy for the day and make you feel exhausted early. So, a healthy diet is important for good concentration.

10. Proper Sleep

You must be shocked that how is taking proper sleep is one of the important time management tips for work. But dizziness during work hours or heavy eyes can make your task last longer than usual so a good 6-7 hour sleep is a must for focused and concentrated work.

Once you start using these time management tips in life you will get to know why time management is important in life. Save this blog for making your schedule for a productive life. Let us have a scientific look and understand why time management is important for our mental and physical health as well.

The benefits of time management help you grow faster in life

High Productivity
Reduced Stress and anxiety level
More energy for free time
Able to achieve life goals smoothly
Confident personality
Better work environment
Increased quality family time

A busy schedule can make you ask Google what is time management. All these certified time management benefits can make your life easier as they will help you live a healthy life. The above-listed benefits of following proper time management skills can help you balance everything in life by making time for your friends, family and work as well.

Do leave a comment if you are already following any of the time management skills and share your review of how it changed your life experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the apps for time management?

There are several time management apps available online like Mylifeorganized, Toggltrack, etc.

Can time management heal anxiety?

Yes, the benefits of time management certify healing anxiety and panic attacks as it gives inner satisfaction and boosts adrenaline.

Can I formulate my own time management strategies and will it work?

Yes, you can follow whichever time management strategy suits you the best in organizing your schedule.

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  1. Thanks for the informative article, Akarshi! Time management is an essential skill that every corporate employee needs to develop and nurture. We all need to take a step back and analyze our daily habits, find out what works for us and what doesn’t. By doing this, we can create strategies to become more productive and successful in our work life. Investing in yourself and your future is the best way to ensure success.

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