Eye Safe TV – The success story of an Indian startup by Meet Shah of Gujarat

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Eye Safe TV

Eye Safe TV is an Indian startup by the Gujarat duo Meet Shah and Raj Shah to put an end to having poor eyesight stress from watching television and also block 95% of harmful blue light. These Eye Safe TVs have blue film technology. Meet Shah’s success story can inspire other children to work for the betterment of society and address issues like this.

With every passing day, there’s a growing concern regarding eyesight, mainly of children as they spend hours sitting in front of the TV. Children are hardly seen reading books or playing a sport in their leisure time rather found watching their favorite cartoon. Some children also become stubborn about not eating their meals without watching television. Most of the kids nowadays have their spectacles at a very young age which only keeps on increasing as days pass. This habit needs to be stopped right away to make sure they don’t have worse problems in the future.

Founder’s Background

A 26 years-old boy hailing from the state of Gujarat has created a success story around his name. Meet Shah is an inspiration for many who want to bring about a change in society. Even before he decided to begin his journey of launching NG Corporation, he already had two startups in his name.

Eye Safe TV
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The story behind the idea

His first startup was during his eighth grade which was to sell used books online. And his second startup was when he was in his second year of college. He had launched a website to sell customized products online but due to fund crunches and logistic issues he had to close them. It was during his last year of college when he came up with the idea of launching NG Corp as he was looking to start his next entrepreneurial venture.

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He said that his family was always into the business of electronics and his father has been one of the distributors of electronic gadgets for the last 25 years. While he was thinking about making a shot at the electronics business, he found a greater motive to work for. One day when he visited his nephew’s house he observed that small children were stopped from watching television to avoid having poor eyesight at such a young age. That’s when he decided to find a solution for this. Along with Raj Shah, he decided to make the TV safe and eye-friendly.

Eye Safe TV
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Eye Safe TV – Introduction

What’s harmful to our eyes is the blue light that is emitted from the screens. After months of research, they came up with a solution of placing an additional layer on top of the TV which is capable of filtering out 95% of the emitted blue light. They started working under the name of NG in February 2019 and after further research and development, they had launched their product in January 2020. They focused on offline sales more than online and accordingly started developing distributorships and retailers across cities.

Eye Safe TV
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The success story

The company now has around 800 outlets in Maharashtra and Gujarat and also has 15 distributors who work closely with them. It was revealed by meet himself that NG has sold more than 3000 TVs till now. That’s not the end, they have also come up with special earphones, known as ear safe that allow people to hear both the surroundings and the music.

Eye Safe TV
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To know more about Meet Shah, please check – LinkedIn, Facebook and Quora.

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To know more about Eye Safe TV, please check – Website, Facebook, and YouTube.

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