2 Friends From Najafgarh Founded ‘PipiHiri’ Bringing Traditional Arts Of Handcrafted Sculpture Back To Life

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In India, handcrafted sculpting has been around for a very long time, and many artists work on handcrafted sculptures every day. They use materials like clay, soil, and terracotta to make mesmerizing items ranging from decor to jewelry and everything in between.

Lots of Indian homes still have handcrafted sculptures as decorations. However, this traditional art form is becoming less popular because people now prefer modern solutions like plastic or fiber for decorating as it’s easy to find and also a little cheap compared to anything that is handcrafted.

Many of us seem to have forgotten how beautiful and eco-friendly natural handcrafted sculptures can be. But here we have Aditi, a 28-year-old artist, who along with her friend Ajayy G Kumar started a cool brand called “PipiHiri” to bring back authentic handcrafted sculptures to our everyday use.

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The Beginning of PipiHiri: How it All Started for Aditi?

Aditi hails from Haridwar, a place steeped in tradition, and now resides in the quaint village of Kharkhari Nahar, Najafgarh, Delhi. Her family embraces a simple way of life. Aditi pursued her college education in Delhi, where she graduated with a degree in sculpture, a discipline that involves crafting art from materials like clay and stone.

Aditi possesses a deep-rooted passion for creating art that mirrors the splendor of the natural world. Her sculptures resonate with the beauty found in nature’s finest creations.

Aditi’s adventure into creating PipiHiri began during the global pandemic in 2020. Even though she had thought about the idea of pursuing a master’s degree in the future, it was something she had considered and imagined doing. This was a time when everyone was facing a lot of confusion and had to stay inside their homes because of the sickness. During this time, Aditi and one of her pals decided to begin a little company they named “PipiHiri.”

Now, you might be wondering about the significance of the name PipiHiri. It’s a word deeply rooted in the local culture of their hometown, serving as another term for ‘whistle,’ like the sound produced when blowing air through one’s lips. Aditi and Ajay envisioned a brand name that would capture the vibrancy and laid-back essence of the handmade art they held dear to their hearts.

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So, Aditi and Ajayy G Kumar embarked on their entrepreneurial journey, christening their venture PipiHiri. This name was chosen during a time when everyone yearned for a touch of joy and happiness in their lives. What better choice than a name that celebrates the pure beauty of music in its most unadulterated form?

PipiHiri is making handcrafted things that are good for your home decor while being easy on the environment. These things can be used to decorate your home or for other useful purposes, like covering small lights (tea light covers), holding your keys (keychains), lighting up your home (diyas), drinking from (cups), making your walls look nice (wall hangings), and telling you the time (table clocks).

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The designs created by PipiHiri are not just one-of-a-kind; they are also meticulously handcrafted, breaking the chain of intermediaries that often result in financial losses for artisans. PipiHiri, despite being a small startup, is dedicated to providing artisans with an authentic share of their earnings. This commitment is made possible by eliminating the need for selling chains or middlemen in their business model.

What Makes PipiHiri Special: Journey of Struggles

PipiHiri uses things like clay, soil, sand, and terracotta, which can all break down in the earth and not harm the environment. So, when you have handcrafted PipiHiri items in your home, you can enjoy them knowing that they’re not hurting our planet. It’s like having aesthetic decors that are also kind to nature.

Indeed, the popular Hindi phrase “Mitti se ban kar, Mitti me hi mil jana” beautifully encapsulates the concept that something crafted from the earth ultimately finds its way back to the earth. Embracing this profound ideology, the PipiHiri team employs clay in the most exclusive and contemporary manner possible.

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Starting their business, Aditi and Ajayy G Kumar faced many challenges, and one of the biggest was getting enough money to run it. In today’s world, where technology is everywhere, not many people want to invest in a small business that has some risks.

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PipiHiri truly values the art of sculpting. They make everything from the very beginning, just like a real artisan would. This takes a lot of time and effort, but they believe it’s worth it to create beautiful and environmentally friendly products that are absolutely handcrafted.

What’s Next for PipiHiri?

During an interview with Mad4India, Aditi shared that PipiHiri has been actively operating in their field for a solid two years now, and their progress has been truly remarkable. When asked about the financial aspect, Aditi humbly acknowledged that PipiHiri might not be raking in substantial profits at the moment, but their growth trajectory is steady and promising. She firmly believes that in the future, PipiHiri will not only infuse fresh vitality into the age-old art of sculpture but also revive the culture of handcrafted clay decor, bringing it back into vogue.

handcrafted Sculpture Pipihri
PipiHiri Stall

Mad4India really appreciates stories like these and the people who create them. We want to wish Aditi and Pipihiri a lot of success in all their future ventures. You can check out Aditi’s online store by visiting their Instagram.

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