Gladful: This Jaipur Based Firm Creates Delightful Protein Snacks For Children

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Protein Snacks

Who do not want protein snacks for children? In 2020, Parul Sharma, who had worked for the American FMCG firm Mondelez in various fields for nearly 15 years, discovered that her 10-year-old son was protein deficient. She set out to find possibilities that could aid in his recovery. She was unhappy, however, to discover that there were not enough possibilities. 

When she first started looking, she couldn’t locate any food brands that were tasty for their child. She couldn’t use protein shakes because he didn’t like them. 

As she is a working parent with a demanding lifestyle, she was looking for simple and convenient alternatives. These days’ children are also demanding. They want something that is not only pleasant and nutritious but also something to brag about.

high protein snacks
Image: Gladful

Parul Sharma, a mother of two boys, set out to discover solutions to these difficulties and launched Gladful in 2021 with her sibling Manu Sharma.

Protein Snacks For Children

The Jaipur-based firm develops protein snacks and meals solutions for youngsters. Their goal is to enrich children’s meals with the protein they require.

Parul has years of expertise marketing to moms and children as a target market for her products. 

Protein Snacks
Image: Gladful

Gladful, a firm which makes protein snacks uses wholewheat flour, unrefined cane sugar, and no ammonia in its goods. According to Parul, the snacks include 7-8 grammes of protein per serving. 

The company began by manufacturing cookies made from peas, rice, and milk protein. Gladful also introduced a breakfast line in February of this year, which comprises dosa-mix and cheela-mix, both of which contain sprouts and lentils. 

protein snacks in india
Image: Gladful

According to Parul, when creating the product, the firm has three essential things in mind: making life easier for working parents, creating food that children enjoy, and ensuring that each product contains at least 4-5 g of protein per serve.

One of the things that we did prior to the launch was reach out to 300 parents and send them our items with no branding, just QR codes. As they used the product, they began to provide input on the price agreed to pay and the flavours they prefer. 

Protein Snacks

The firm which manufactures protein snacks charges Rs 300 for cookies in chocolate, almond, orange, butter garlic, ajwain, and Indian masala, while the sprouted breakfast selection costs Rs 200 for 200 grammes. Gladful promises to have a net profit of 60 percent or higher.

protein snacks india
Image: Gladful

The Indian nutraceuticals market is predicted to expand from $4 billion to $18 billion by the end of 2025. According to a 2020 report by the International Trade Administration, the dietary supplements segment accounts for more than 65 percent of the nutraceutical market and is growing at a rate of 17 percent and is expected to grow at a rate of 22 percent per year, especially since preventive health has become the focus for all during the pandemic. 

By 2023, India’s nutraceutical business is predicted to account for at least 3.5 percent of the global market.

high protein snacks india
Image: Gladful

Protein snacks and meals manufacturing firm, Gladful, raised an unknown amount of money in a seed round headed by Antler India in December 2021. Huddle Accelerator, Shiprocket through their programme RocketfuelXHuddle, angel investors such as Ankita Vashistha from StrongHer Ventures and Encubay Angel Network, and Paavan Nanda, Co-founder of WinZO Games also invested in the round.

This creates a huge opportunity for a fantastic team like Gladful, which has a personal connection to the problem, to fulfil a core demand of the Indian consumer to eat healthier while also addressing the pressing and specific problem of protein deficit. 

Gladful will concentrate on developing more protein-rich and flavorful goods that can be found in the pantry of a working Indian.

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