ISKCON inspired wellness through Gau Mata – Man Started A Luxury Product Brand, Making Dung Soap, Paste, Facewash & Many More

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We are living in an era where falling sick and having a weak immune is common. Every time you fall sick you must have observed your grandma saying how weak people these days are and comparing the new generation with the old ones, ending up sharing a “hamare zamane me” type story. These stories are proof that the older generation must have had a stronger immune and defence mechanism than us & they credit their good health to the”Pure Ghee-Dudh” they had in their younger ages.

On the whole Gau Mata was the key character in our oldies life. They lived in a house made of cow dung and used medicines made of pure herbs & Gau Mutra – yielded crops with the help of a cow.

Gau Mata -The new generation solution

 Gau Mata
Source – Cow-Pathy

Cow called GAU-MATA with love has always been an essential part of Indian culture. For ages, we have seen the importance of cows in our life. No one ever really forced us to respect an animal but still we all respect this creature as a mother – “GAU-Mata”.

Time has dragged all of us back to a situation where if we don’t get back to our roots, life will be difficult & health will be at continuous risk. Many people are working hard to achieve this goal, 3 Software Engineers on a Mission With Their Startup ‘OrganiKrishi’ – Promoting Natural Farming, Providing Authentic Organic Food

Most people are utilizing Gau Mata milk as an important resource from cows but who would have thoughts that cow dung & cow mutra can become base products to start a luxury business?

 Gau Mata cowpathy
Source – Cowpathy

COW-PATHY has used Gau-mutra and gobar as the base elements and is providing them to us in the form of various luxury products. It’s an easy solution for our health problems is being provided by COW-PATHY from the dunk of Gau – Mata.


Umesh Soni founded Cowpathy in 2012 to serve a small group of ISKCON devotees under the spiritual guidance of Govinda Prabhu. At ISKCON where most foreigners are finding grounds with god, Umesh found his muse. Here Umesh observed that people in foreign countries were amused by the herbal properties of cow dung & cow mutra.

While Indians discard cow dung & urine as waste, white people were dazzled by the products made from Gau Mata waste & use it for creating luxury products. Many uses can be made out of this waste like cow dung showpieces- not sure how can that work. Read about this Farmer Created Art Out Of Desi Cow Dung – He Has The Best Way To Add Nature To Your Lifestyle

As it is said, only one moment is all that you need to change your life, this was the moment when Umesh changed his life for the best & decided to make luxury products from the waste of Gau Mata. Today, Cowpathy products are sold in 23 countries, including the United States, Mauritius United Kingdom, South Africa, and many more.

gau mata
Source- Cowpathy

Cow urine is now used in cancer research medications. Dung Is Known For Radiation Screening, And A2 Milk Turned To Curd & Ghee Is Nutritious & healthier for all of us. Panchagavya( Curd, Ghee, Milk, Urine are, Dung,) renowned in Ayurveda to cure & help stop many diseases when consumed regularly or applied topically.

The Pancha Gavyas of Gau Mata is used to make Cowpathy products in the most user-friendly way possible, while Aromatherapy masks the natural aroma of the Gavyas without changing their medicinal properties.

Source – CowPathy

Cowpathy has a range of daily use products like home cleaners, mouth fresheners, toothpaste, skincare, medicines, soaps and whatnot. All Products Follow FDA Guidelines, Pass BIS Norms, Eco-Cert Guidelines, Are Manufactured In A GMP Certified Unit, Are Cruelty-Free, Dermatologically Safe, Parabens And SLS Clear, Organic & Bio-Degradable Components, Non-GMO, Vegan* and 100% Vegetarian

In Our Talk

We learned about the operation of the Gau Mata-based product brand Cowpathy from Mr Ranjeet, the operational manager. The products have already been patented and are being manufactured in Himachal Pradesh at their factory site. They operate in both B-B and B-C models, with their products sold both online (via their own website, Amazon, etc.) and offline. The raw material is locally sourced.

We don’t own gaushala of our own rather we get the raw material from gaushala that are in need of funding. The products made in cow-pathy are fully chemical free and dermatologically tested.

Mr Ranjeet

COW-PATHY, which has been in business for ten years, believes that there is still a lack of public awareness about gau mata products. The organisation is organising more exhibitions and workshops to broaden its reach. People choose chemical-based products solely because they sound appealing, whereas cow waste is taken to be toxic as it smells bad.

“We have a tendency to fall towards the fancy & cow dung is not fancy, its artsy but not fancy. The market is new and unaware but has lots of potention.”

Mr Ranjeet

India has always believed in the power of nature and the creations of the gods. Despite praying to the holy cow and acknowledging the medicinal and other benefits of gau mata, we are still hesitant to use the same products. Branded products offered to us by wealthy western brands remain a status symbol and are thus more accepted.

Switching to a whole new variety of gau mata products is a big lifestyle shift for the better and we at @mad4india believe that a healthy change is a good change. So next time you plan to go shopping for Luxury products do visit @cowpathy and try its products.

Feature Image – Instagram

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