After MBA Chai Wala, This 21 Y.O. B.Tech Paanipuri Wali Is Creating Waves Of Change In The Street Food Culture With Wholesome, Hygienic Street Food

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Now that there are MBA chai wala and B.Tech chai wali, the graduate stall market is heating up. There is a new participant in the race, and it seems that as she gains popularity, everyone is getting their fill. After watching a recent video of PaaniPuri Wali cruising the Delhi streets in her Royal Enfield Bullet, the internet is quite thrilled.

MBA Chai Wala – We Have B.Tech Paanipuri Wali

Unlike most graduates, this 21-year-old made the decision to start a thela instead of joining a well-worn office job. When it comes to women’s choices in work, Indian society is especially judgemental. For women, there are many dos and don’ts. But Taapsee Upadhyay, who is becoming popular under the moniker B.Tech Paanipuri wali, is busting numerous stereotypes at once.

Tapsi with a B.Tech degree ( which is good enough for a well-paying corporate job) owns a street food thela on the busiest streets of Delhi. With a B.Tech engineering degree, selling paanipuri to passersby on the streets of West Delhi Tilak Nagar Metro station, where she set up her moving shop, which she set up while riding a bullet. Wow! You don’t get to see that every day.

After the popularity in the food market of MBA chai wala the trend of degree holders flaunting their degrees while owning street food stalls is extremely in wave. And just like MBA chai wala, she too has big aspirations for her company.

Watching a girl riding a bullet with a cart attached to it anyways is a sight to behold and on top of this, B.Tech paanipuri wali is giving food options that no one can resist.

Her business plan was inspired by her initial experience selling paanipuri at college festivals. People went crazy for her healthy unfried paanipuri at a festival she attended in her third year.

Source – Instagram

What makes B.Tech Paanipuri Wali Unique?

Tapsee wants to sell healthy and hygienic street food, both of which are uncommon in Delhi. She extols the virtues of her paanipuris to those who value their health. She roasts her puris in an air fryer rather than deep-frying them, and she even sells maida-free puris.

BTech Panipuri
Source – Facebook

The flavouring water she uses is made from hand-crushed real herbs and masalas rather than the frequently used powders bought in stores. The mouthwatering paanipuri water is made with extreme care using nutritious ingredients like dates, jaggery, and imli. She sells paanipuri using eco-friendly pattal bowls rather than cardboard or plastic ones that other vendors use.

That is what has become the USP of B.Tech paanipuri wali: education makes you an expert in whatever field you work in. Taapsee spent a significant amount of time compiling all the research on launching a food cart, and after working on her assignments for 7-8 months, she launched her food cart at the end of 2022.

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When asked why she favoured paanipuri as her go-to dish for the food cart, she cited the dish’s lengthy history of development.

“Draupadi made golgappa for her mother-in-law, and she loved it. As we all know, this dish has been a favourite of many for a very long time. Isn’t the fact that people like it good enough?

Source – Instagram

B.Tech Paanipuri Wali & Her struggles

Imagine travelling to Delhi to prepare for the administrative services and then opening a thela serving street food. Indian parents won’t be very pleased with such a decision, it’s that easy. So, when Taapsee started her food cart, her parents were in shock and disappointment. Although initially unsupportive, her parents have come to appreciate her decision to become her own boss and establish her own workplace.

In one of the videos on her Instagram, Taapsee also acknowledges that not everyone supportes her business endeavour. “

Many people tell me that I shouldn’t be selling paanipuris on the street despite having a B.Tech degree and being a woman. I should leave and join some decent corporate job for work.

Source – Instagram

However, after 4-5 months of selling paanipuri on the street, she finally received well-deserved attention from a food blogger. The B.Tech graduate’s story went viral, and after the video was shared on social media, people flocked to the comments section to commend the 21-year-old.

A user who was so moved by her venture said: “Superb! She should be commended for going above and beyond to become financially independent and her own boss. Stop worrying about what other people might think. She is picky about the food she wants to serve her clients and makes sure it is both delectable and hygienic.”

The BTech paanipuri wali richly deserves the growing online acclaim she is receiving. This young girl has made sure to pay enough attention to and maintain her social media accounts, which include Instagram, Facebook, and a website. It is extremely informative about her new business. Mad4India wishes Tapsi success and continued growth.

Feature Image – Facebook

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