20 YO Solapur Native Mixed Ayurvedic Ingredients With Donkey Milk, Bringing Revolution To the Beauty Industry

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Ayurvedic Ingredients

Chemically manufactured products dominate the beauty market today. Chemical poisons are being sold by companies, and people are unquestionably buying them. As consumers, we should understand the importance of learning about how the items we use are manufactured so that we can decide whether or not to use them. There are companies that claim to offer naturally manufactured, skin-friendly products.

Pooja Kaul is a visionary founder in this brand competition among founders. She and her brand, Organiko, have revolutionized the beauty market. Let’s dive into the amazing yet inspiring journey of Pooja Kaul and Organiko—Beautifying Life—in this blog.

Journey for Pooja Kaul

Pooja was pursuing a master’s degree at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Tuljapur when she came into contact with donkey farmers in their local community. She wanted to stay in Solapur after school and do the project. But her family dissuaded her. She had an idea on one side and a government job on the other, and she had to choose. But she never wanted to give up her dream. She decided to make her dream come true: to implement an unusual idea.

The 20-year-old not only came up with the innovative idea of ​​producing beauty products using donkey milk but also encouraged the donkey farming community in Solapur, Ghaziabad and Dasna. Research has proven that donkey milk is rich in many vitamins and amino acids. It also contains high amounts of calcium and retinol, which help reduce wrinkles. Helping these underprivileged communities by creating job opportunities has motivated Pooja.

Pooja found a co-founder in her classmate, Rishabh Yash Tomar, and now heads a team of seven. Organiko has also expanded to Ghaziabad and Dasna. Pooja is happy to have started up in a small town. She believes entrepreneurs in small towns can have a variety of positive effects on local communities. “It makes a lot of sense to start a business that is very close to the resources.

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She’s a confident person who loves public speaking. She’s discovered a passion for delivering messages that inspire people. Over time, Pooja has had the privilege of speaking at more than 250 events. She’s shared stories and inspired many people. Some people wonder what she gains from these experiences. It’s simple: it’s a sense of inner peace, a big boost in confidence, and the amazing opportunity to inspire thousands of people.

Mixing Ayurvedic Ingredients with Donkey Milk: Birth of Organiko

Pooja Kaul had a vision, an idea that sparked her journey as an entrepreneur. She started her own business from scratch, and in the early days, she had to do many different jobs as the founder of a new startup. Sometimes, she even found herself cleaning the office late at night. But you know what? It felt like taking care of her own child because this business was her baby, her dream.

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In early days, Pooja was shy and had a hard time attending networking events, let alone speaking at them. The idea of public speaking was really scary for her. But being an entrepreneur is not just about building a business; it’s also about personal growth. Her Idea was to help donkey owners who faced unemployment during certain times of the year & also to change the skincare products that people use. Believing in offering all-natural skincare alternatives and reminding people of the ayurvedic ingredients found in India.

That’s how Organiko was born, a social venture and a luxury brand. Making skincare products from donkey milk, and providing people with the goodness of ayurvedic ingredients. She saw that donkey milk was less well-known but had a lot of promise to cure a variety of skin disorders. And so the brand’s journey began!

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Organiko began in Delhi in 2018. They wanted to bring together Ayurvedic and Egyptian beauty ingredients to create top-notch, natural skincare. They make skincare products from donkey milk and some Ayurvedic ingredients. Pooja Kaul has brought together donkey farming communities in Solapur, Dasna and Ghaziabad to collect donkey milk and produce beauty products with ayurvedic ingredients under her brand Organiko.

Inspiring millions

Pooja Kaul had the honor of speaking at the 98th Foundation Course at #LBSNAA during their ‘Innovation Summit’ on “Innovation in Sustainable Livelihood.” She shared insights about Organiko’s work, using donkey milk to create jobs for donkey owners. This aligns with India’s vision for a developed India by 2047. Pooja was grateful for the chance to inspire future civil servants to work toward sustainable development.

In a world where dreams become businesses, where entrepreneurs find their voices, and where innovative ideas change lives, Pooja Kaul and Organiko are making a difference. They’re not just creating products; they’re creating opportunities, connections, and inspiration. Pooja has been honored by various awards like Forbes 30U30 Asia along with Princess of Wales The Diana Award 2020. Pooja also pitched for Organiko in Shark Tank India’s first season. Pooja also received Ministry of MSME Emerging Woman Entrepreneur 2022.


Mad4India appreciates her story, and we hope it will inspire yours. You can visit Organiko on their Website and their Instagram. If you loved reading this story, you can also read : Couple who lost their jobs in Covid and together started a micro-plastic free herbal tea brand, Dolshyne.

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