5 Top Agriculture Startups That Boast Farmer’s Market In India Like Never Before

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Agriculture Startups

Despite being the mainstay for a sizable portion of the population, farmers in India face a fair share of difficulties. Other than the conventional problem of being unsure of whether or cultivate, inefficiency in the supply chain creates some major trouble for small farmers. We attempted to cover the agriculture startups in India working to address the enormous issue with the supply chain and infrastructure. Some individuals are doing wall-breaking efforts in creating a profitable and happy market for farmers.

We made an effort to list the most intriguing and reliable top agro companies in India, tho there are many of them operating at the moment we share with you our favourite 5.

1. Vesatogo Innovations – Making To The List Of Easy-To-Use Agriculture Startups

To make sure that the product nears the end user without delay, Vesatogo came into existence. As some farmers raise multiple crops and work with numerous middlemen, this traditional practice of selling causes a lot of revenue loss for the farmers. Waste of resources is caused by layers of intermediaries, and this is prevented when all components of the supply chain have been integrated into a single platform. With this agriculture startups, farmers can now reserve vehicles, choose routes, and schedule deliveries simply over their smartphone applications. Farmers can subsequently sell their goods to consumers much more easily and improve the supply chain on their own.

agriculture startups in India
Source – Vesatogo Innovations

Vesatogo Innovations, an agriculture technology company, developed a platform that boosts the effectiveness of current logistical operations. Farmers benefit from the startup’s smartphone app by receiving a thorough list of all the resources nearby that can be used to guarantee the timely delivery of goods. The application also enables easy vehicle booking, doing away with the hassle of arranging delivery via phone calls. Additionally, users can dynamically reroute vehicles through the dashboard, increasing vehicle utilisation.

2. Villa mart– Making To The List Of Fresh Agriculture Startups

Villa Mart set out on its mission in 2017 with the goal of enhancing health worldwide and making the world a healthy and nutritious place to live while helping farmers go independent with their sales and marketing.

The major problem of farmer suicide in 2015–16 derailed Dr. Ramesh Chandra Biswal’s plans of becoming a fuel engineer. Instead, he started his startup to help farmers find their way to market without getting dependent on the middleman.

Agriculture Startups In India
Source: Villamart

Dr. Ramesh Chandra Biswal and Gopal Krushna Pradhan co-founded Villa Mart, a mobile market agriculture business in India that buys farm products and sells them to final consumers at a profit. Due to the direct supply chain in this setup, farmers are now making twice as much money as they did previously.
A built-in refrigerator helps keep the produce fresh. This top agritech company in India is a physical mobile store that has racks, Internet Protocol, a camera, a public address systemWi-Fi, a light system, a solar cell and a billing system. The infrastructure is self-dependent and allows farmers to make their own decisions at any point in time and space.

3. Veg Route– Making To The List Of of Smart Agriculture Startups

By connecting farmers with end users, Veg Route eliminates the need for middlemen. Thanks to the digital & data-driven supply chain platform, farmers can sell their products for the highest possible price with this agriculture business in India.

Arvind and his longtime friend Anand Alagarsamy founded Veg Route in July 2020. Agriculture technology solutions are used by the Chennai-based B2C agribusiness distribution network platform to help farmers market fresh products to customers at the best price while also promoting long-term growth.

agriculture startups in India
Source – Vegroute

The clientele has increased from 22 on the first day to almost 1,500 farmers. Currently, Veg Route is accessible in Coimbatore, Goa, Chennai, Tirupur, Madurai, Tirupur, Tuticorin, and Bangalore,  among other cities. 

The goal of Veg Route is to employ unemployed people, advance farmers through engagement, develop the technology, and use data to cut out middlemen in the supply chain system, all of which could be advantageous to all stakeholders.

The platform purchases food from farmers directly, stores it in its centres and centres, conduct quality inspections, packages it, & distributes it to businesses, consumers, and households.

4. Agrowave- Making To The List Of Techno Savvy Agriculture Startups

agriculture startups in India
Source – Agrowave

agriculture startup Agrowave wants to help farmers by putting them in touch with companies directly and establishing a sustainable supply chain. By cutting out middlemen and giving farmers the best price possible for their produce, the start-up wants to make business simpler for farmers.

For farmers, it has created and constructed a number of pick-up stations so they won’t have to make the journey far to sell their goods. Farmers can sell their products through an iOS and Android mobile app, and delivery trucks pick up the produce from farmer gates or local pick-up locations, that too with hassle-free payments. After that, the produce is transported to final consumers using a well-planned route.

agriculture startups in India
Source – Facebook

With its headquarters in Bangalore, Ninjacart is one of the top agro companies in India. In comparison to the conventional supply chain, it currently transports over 60 tonnes of yield per day from the farm to the store in under 14 hours.

Ninjacart helps more than 2,000 farmers sell more than 80 fruits and vegetables each day to more than 800 restaurants and shops in Bengaluru. They also assert that they have decreased supply chain waste overall by 4%.

These were some of our favourite Agriculture Startups in India, if you have any others on your mind please do share them with us in the comment section.

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