Humanity Survived Amid Sikkim Floods: Brave Workers Rescue 100+ Rabbits

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We can always count on our furry friends to protect us when danger strikes. They have an uncanny ability to sense impending peril and do everything in their power to keep us safe. But amidst all the heroics, have we ever stopped to consider whether they can save themselves in times of crisis? Sadly, the answer is often no. However, in the midst of the Sikkim floods, a group of courageous farm workers stepped up to rescue the most vulnerable of creatures: rabbits. Cute isn’t it!!

While we often read heartwarming stories about NGOs rescuing dogs and cows, these farmers in Sikkim did something remarkable. The Sikkim floods brought tremendous suffering, with lives lost, and people losing their life savings, homes, families, and more. Yet, one aspect of the tragedy that rarely finds its mention in the statistics is the loss of life among both wild and domestic animals.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the incredible story of these real-life superheroes who went above and beyond to protect these little furry beings during the Sikkim floods.

This disastrous Sikkim flood has undone the years of hard work put into the infrastructure. The scenario of people losing their loved ones and watching their homes swept away by the flood is heart-wrenching. The whole destruction of Sikkim will surely take months to recover from its loss.

The Super Hero of Rabbits amid the Sikkim Floods

Among the casualties of the Sikkim floods, were the 100s of Angora rabbits at Rabum Angora Farm (Angora Rabbit Demonstration and Breeding Farm). However, the old myths of superheroes are real as in time of need, a human wears a cape and saves many lives.

Passang Bhutia, 58 years old who is the man in charge at the Rabum rabbit farm was in despair and concerned. The situation came under control when the brave workers sprang into action and rescued over 100-150 rabbits from the aftermath of the Sikkim Floods.

Passang Bhutia was very much attached to these rabbits as he has been working with Rubam Angora farms since the 1990s. He was devastated to see the community that he had built over time was destroyed.

What is the history of Angora Rabbit Demonstration and Breeding Farm

This rabbit farm was established in 1996 as the research centre in collaboration with the Sikkim Animal Husbandry Department. Initially, Rabum Angora Farms focused on researching the adaptive nature of German Angora rabbits with the intention of making these rabbits adapting the Sikkim-High altitude climate. When their research was successful as rabbits were settled well.

In 2000, this research centre got evolved into a training centre for Angora rabbit breeding, contributing to developing the high-quality germplasm line. This training centre not only focused on angora rabbit breeding but also created employment opportunities for the local people of Sikkim. The farm trained villagers in research-based scientific methods of raising these valuable animals.

The Special Angora Rabbits

Just like sheep, these angora rabbits are popular for the wool that they produce. In Sikkim, The clothing items made from this wool are quite famous and in trend. Angora rabbits are an essential part of the Sikkim’s economy. The farms are committed to following the sustainable practices of breeding that are beneficial for the Indian textile industry and the remote communities in Sikkim.

The raising of rabbits has increased the employment opportunities for men and women both. This farm organises training workshops for women and has trained 40-50 ladies in rearing these exotic rabbits.

The day when the Sikkim Floods devastated the Farm

Sikkim is known for its unpredicted nature as landslides and floods are common but Passang has never thought that the Sikkim floods will hit the farm. However, on the tragic night, the farm workers got an urgent call from their family members who alerted them about the rising water levels and asked them to evacuate to a safe place. Still after taking all the safety measures, when the workers returned to the farm in the morning, they were met with devastating sight as most of the rabbits were missing.

Sikkim Floods
Source- Canva

One of the rabbit’s sheds were swept away by the floods and all the cages were filled with river debris pile caused by the landslide as a consequence of the Sikkim floods. However, the workers were determined to save those vulnerable rabbits and went on the spot despite the danger and rescued over 100 rabbits without any injuries or casualties.

Downfall and hope of Rising again

But the Sikkim Floods had brought the downfall to the hard work of this farm as it killed these special angora rabbits. Passang Bhutia has mentioned how much time and effort were put into the establishment of this farm. He transformed the unproductive landfills into something productive space after years of research and work.

The Sikkim floods, however, have shaken the well-established system of the farm and caused enormous and irreversible damage to the farm by killing the precious rabbits. However, it’s commendable how these workers have emerged as heroes and without thinking about their own lives they decided to rescue these little voiceless animals.

We at mad4india appreciate the brave and thoughtful effort of Passang Bhutia and the workers and hope a good recovery to those little animals and the damage caused by the Sikkim floods.

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