This 25-YO Dog Lover Made Homes For More Than 100 Dogs: Rescuing, Feeding, Sterilizing Street Dogs

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Despite the high standards required to impress a human, animals are easily pleased and grateful for even the tiniest acts of kindness: a simple biscuit, a bowl of water on a hot day, a friendly smile, or a loving touch. You don’t have to be a passionate animal or dog lover to make a positive impact; all it takes is empathy. Surprisingly, we often neglect to offer them even this basic level of compassion.

Every now and then we come across video footage showing dogs being tortured and killed for entertainment or by being run over by cars, which is a common source of emotional distress and prompts the question, “Are we even humans?”

But some heroes find a source of their endless power in their four-legged friend’s wagging tails, soulful eyes, and unconditional love. And among them is a young woman named Niharika Rana, whose journey from a regular dog lover to a ray of hope for voiceless animals is nothing short of amazing!

A Dog Lover’s Journey: From Pandemic to Purpose

Born and raised in Ghaziabad, Niharika was naturally an animal and dog lover. It all started with a project she had to do for her academics in which she had to exhibit her volunteer efforts. In order to accomplish this, she began offering food for stray dogs.

But once she got started, there was no turning back. In the midst of a global pandemic, she discovered her true calling as a dog lover. A task that began as an assigned activity progressively found a cherished place in her everyday life.

Niharika’s mission was truly inspired by the sound of soft paws breaking the silence of the empty streets as the world went behind closed doors during the pandemic.

Initially, she began by feeding street dogs in her local area, but over time, her circle of paw buddies expanded. As the COVID-19 pandemic struck, she extended her efforts to feed more than hundreds of dogs.

We all stayed indoors to protect ourselves, which was the right thing to do at that time. But this had negative effects not only on the economy but also on animals. Stray animals in busy markets, who depended on people’s kindness for food, were left without any means to survive. And this moved me. I started cooking more food for them in the kitchen, spending hours on it.

And so, with a heart full of love and determination, Niharika went on a mission that would start a spark of hope in the darkness. As a dog lover, she began feeding stray dogs and animals left hungry and forlorn during the pandemic.

Unconditional Love and Commitment

But for Niharika, her mission as a dog lover extended far beyond providing meals. As her bond with these dogs deepened, she realized that they needed more than just food; they needed love, care, and protection. With an unstoppable spirit, she took it upon herself to rescue the abandoned and injured souls, turning her humble abode into a sanctuary of love.

My kitchen was entirely devoted to preparing food for stray dogs. Every day, I cooked for hundreds of dogs in my kitchen. We infact dedicated a whole floor for this couse in our house. It was a lot of work, but every minute I spent doing it made me want to do more.

Source: Instagram

Her dog lover’s heart knew no boundaries, and she soon found herself rescuing countless dogs, each one taking a permanent place in her soul. She was moved by their stories of surviving and being left abandoned, which made her want to make a world where every paw could find its way to happiness and peace.

As time passed, Niharika encountered numerous challenges. One of them was the recurring situation where people would abandon puppies at her doorstep, burdening her with immense responsibility.

It broke my heart to witness little puppies left abandoned right in front of my door. They were just 5-7 days old, too young to even open their eyes. It’s hard to fathom how cruel some people can be. The sight of those innocent and helpless creatures left me feeling both sorrowful and angry.

Nevertheless, even during her most difficult moments, Niharika’s unwavering love for animals acted as a constant source of motivation, propelling her forward. While she works as a digital marketing executive in Noida, her passion for dogs remains unwavering.

Soon she started her foundation, she raised funds to support her mission, proving that even a single heart, driven by love, could make a significant difference. In the Interview with Mad4India , Niharika tells us that a fixed amount of her own income goes to welfare of the animals.

Caring for numerous pets could get overwhelming sometimes, considering everything else I have on my plate: work, Managing funds for the foundation, personal life, and social commitments. However, my passion for taking care of these animals has always remained unwavering. Despite the challenges, I never felt like compromising on my purpose.

What Does Niharika Rana Foundation Do?

NRF (Niharika Rana Foundation) rescues and fosters stray animals especially dogs, provides food and shelter, sterilizes and vaccinates them, and takes action against animal cruelty, promoting compassion and care for all creatures.

Source. – Instagram

She came up with the concept of dog homes and she with her crew since then constructed countless dog homes out of materials like wood, fiber sheets, metal sheets, etc. to provide street dogs and cats, a place to live rather than beneath cars or other structures.

Because these animals don’t have proper homes, they end up seeking shelter in dangerous spots like under cars or entering random houses. Some people even hurt them to teach them a lesson. But if we set aside designated places for these street dogs, things would be so much easier and safer for everyone. Giving them a safe space will protect them and set us all stressfree from them being everywhere.

The NRF’s one-of-a-kind initiative to construct dog homes for rescued dogs is truly heartwarming. It provides these voiceless beings with the shelter and love they deserve in our shared world. Additionally, she goes the extra mile by taking care of these animals, ensuring they receive vaccinations and are spayed or neutered.

dog lover

Niharika’s ambition extended far beyond just providing safety and help. She dreamed of creating a vast space where all animals, not only dogs, could roam freely and experience the comfort of love and care. Niharika also wants to teach kids the importance of loving and caring for animals. She believes this will pave the way for future generations to continue the mission of looking after our furry friends.

It is crucial to teach our children the importance of harmony and coexistence with animals on our shared planet. Just like we tecah our kids to respct eleders or value family, Treating animals equally to humans and valuing their well-being should be a compulsory aspect of their upbringing.

This dog lover who has turned her love of animals into a lifelong mission to improve the world one paw at a time, walk the unusual road. The fact that she went from being a regular dog lover to the owner of The Dog Foundation shows how much love, drive, and willpower she has.

Initially, Niharika’s family was uncertain about her intense dedication, fearing that going out during the pandemic was risky. However, as time went by, they wholeheartedly supported her noble efforts. Now, her mom actively joins her in cooking food for hundreds of dogs, spending hours helping these furry friends.

It’s not just her family; everyone around her feels proud of Niharika’s decision to become a one-woman army, standing tall as a true example of humanity, no more, no less. Her compassion and selflessness have earned admiration from all who know her.

Source – Instagram

Let’s celebrate this dog lover’s journey to become an educated person while remembering that each of us has the ability to bring about change. Just like Niharika, we can follow our passions, listen to the call of compassion, and still make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate.

As a society, it’s our responsibility to protect and cherish these innocent creatures, offering them the love they deserve. Mad4India commends Niharika for her dedication to these helpless beings. For more, visit her Instagram @thecutepaws_ and shower all the love she deserves.

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