Nutritious Food For Dogs In Just Rs 5! This 27-YO Is Creating A Change By Helping Others Feed Strays 

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food for dogs

Food for dogs is hardly discussed especially when it comers top strays. Most of them feed them with low cost biscuits which isn’t good for their health. To solve this issue a 27-year-old has come forward to help in providing affordable food for these

Gajraj Singh Kachhawa, a Jaipur local was standing near a tea stall when a  man strolled up to the stall, bought a packet of biscuits, and gave a street dog just as he was about to go. 

Gajraj stood by, observing the situation. He approached the man and inquired as to why he was feeding the dog biscuits that were high in sugar and wheat, both of which are harmful to dogs. 

Food for dogs
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Gajraj even suggested that the man give the dog milk or, better yet, curd. “This packet of biscuits is the only item I’ll purchase for Rs 5,” the man replied before stepping away.

For the past five years, he has been feeding dogs on his own dime. There were so many people donating food for others when the lockdown was implemented. The street dogs, on the other hand, were the ones that suffered the most. Nobody wanted to feed them or even look after them. That’s when he decided to make a deliberate effort to feed the dogs. 

The majority of street dogs are fed by small eateries and cafés that offer them leftover food.

27-Year Fed 600 Dogs During The Lockdown

Because of the lockdown, none of these smaller businesses was open, which meant there was no food for the dogs. During this time, he was frequently feeding over 600 dogs. 

The 27-year-old, a digital marketer and entrepreneur, owns a club in Jaipur where Bejubano Ki Rasoi operates. Because the club is only open in the evenings, he could utilise the kitchen throughout the day to prepare these nutritious meals. He didn’t have to make any further investments, therefore it was a win-win situation for him.

After the meals are produced and packaged, they are sold at a booth near Jaipur’s Vivek Vihar metro station. They are currently selling over 500 food packets per day. 

Food for dogs
Image: Instagram

Rs 5 Food For Dogs

Each 400-gram precooked meal contains paneer, soybean, rice, and eggs, as well as multivitamin meds for dogs. They add paneer and eggs for protein, and the rice is cooked in the paneer water to keep the dogs hydrated during the hot summer months. They also add seasonal vegetables in it. They don’t use any sugar or wheat in their dishes while they provide food for dogs. Only a small amount of salt is used.

While there are prepared food for dogs, Gajraj claims that the majority of these dehydrate the dogs. They now have a large number of repeat customers who feed their dogs the meals they prepare. Most of them return to tell us how much their dogs enjoyed this freshly cooked food as opposed to the pre-packaged pellets they had previously fed. 

Gajraj did not want to charge for the food for dogs when he launched this effort. He claims, however, that his buddies persuaded him to charge a little fee. He was advised that if he didn’t charge for what he was doing, no one would value it. As a result of the biscuit incident, he began charging Rs 5 per item.

The objective of Bejubano Ki Rasoi provide affordable food for dogs and to build five more kiosks across Jaipur in order to feed a minimum of 3,000 canines each day. They do not accept any donations from the public and rely completely on self-sufficiency and the proceeds from the sale of meal packs.

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