Unique Business Idea Of A Blessed Child – Down Syndrome Could Not Cut The Wings Of This Women Entrepreneur

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Meet Swasti and with her meet the most refreshing & Unique business idea – The Pudina Punch, a cool mint and lemon mix powder which you need to mix in water and slurp slurp slurp.

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Unique Business Idea – Unique Swasti Mehta

Let us introduce you to Swasti Mehta, the creator of Pudina Punch. Swasti, a 27-year-old lady from Mumbai, was detected with Down syndrome shortly after birth. But when god decided to give her something unique like down syndrome he also planned on giving her one more thing- The Good Vibe. Swasti truly is a women entrepreneur of this startup era.

She was a smart child since her childhood. Swasti demonstrated an early command of four languages: English, Marathi, Hindi, and Gujarati, which prompted her parents to take extra steps to help her develop her skills. By the age of 14, she began homeschooling and was learning to write, dance, cook, and do many other things through offline and online workshops.

And recently Swati started her own buisness- she makes refreshing drinks. Sounds so fresh, isn’t it? she is making delicious pudina punch and has made a successful career out of it. This unique girl and her unique business idea are creating a buzz.

When life gives you lemon make pudina punch out of it is the mantra of Swasti, that’s what we call an optimistic soul, her story is a lot like Naidhroven, who was Rejected by companies for disability, so he built a ‘Special Scooter’ for disabled people.

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She usually has a very busy day as right after she wakes up, she almost instantly begins working on the punch. She takes a lunch break in between and continues the mint drink-making process until the end of the day.

When she finishes her work for the day, she unwinds & watches Taarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashma, as it’s her favourite TV show.
Swasti, who discovered her love for pudina punch during the initial lockdown in March 2020, started making it for herself and her family. Gradually her neighbours started appreciating her punch and slowly many people started asking her for the receipt and that is where this unique buisness idea was generated. Swasti began by selling 1 to 2 bottles per day and now receives over 20 orders per day.

Swasti’s family is overjoyed with her work, they are overwhelmed by the response Swasti got on her unique buisness idea. Most people think specially-abled kids are a liability and there are parents who claim that to have a child with A Disability means the ‘end of the world, but Swasti is an exemplary role model of her own kind.

Like most, Swasti’s family was also a little worried about her future when she was a child, they were worried about how she will deal with the real world out there. But Swasti drew their worries in vain. Seeing her running a buisness on her own puts her family at ease. Swasti’s mother is proud of her child and believes that it was Swasti’s determination and willpower that helped her become a successful women entrepreneur.

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Swasti’s parents were always optimistic about their special kid, in fact, Swasti benefited greatly from the primary prevention that her parents took when she was only a few months old. Swasti began occupational & speech therapy in her early years and it all helped her tremendously in growing as a smart kid.

Swasti got enrol in Dilkhush Special School when she was five years old to develop social skills and interact with others her age. She attended Dilkush school for six years before being homeschooled.

Swasti’s parents have one piece of advice for all the parents out there – be patient as parents in order to discover and nourish your child’s interests. With a similar approach, Gunjan Tomar is Changing the Lives Of Specially Abled Students With Her New Pattern Of Teaching

It Was Not A Easy Walk

Swasti’s journey even with the full support of her family was a difficult one. When she was a school going her family was informed that academics would be difficult for Swasti and that the only thing forward was for her to operate on her vocational skills. Her family was disappointed to hear this, but they refused to give up on Swasti. Her parents continued to look for ways to assist her academically.

Her mother researched day in and out and finally decided to apply the Glenn Doman technique, in which kids with Down syndrome can prosper in cognitive, physical, and social areas. However, once Swasti was 20, she was diagnosed with a mental ailment, and all of the hard work her parents had put in until that point in time crumbled. Swasti started becoming obstinate and aggressive, and all of the significant progress made by her parents on her development in the previous five years simply vanished.

Swasti transformed from an active, bright, & understanding young girl into something that the family found difficult to deal with. The family consulted doctors and started working on the situation and soon Swasti was able to feel better quickly with the correct psychiatric intervention and medication. It must have been the most difficult time for Swasti’s family but they stood by her until the end.

Pudina Punch Came Into Existance

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Swasti’s physical classes were halted in March 2020, when everything went into lockdown. Swasti began experimenting with food around this time and at this time she found the muse for her Unique business idea. Swasti began her entrepreneurial journey with the encouragement of her parents & brother, Aarsh Mehta. She introduced her brand Pudina Punch and it became the new job in the house. Pudina Punch gave them a common goal and made them stronger together.

Swasti makes this dish all by herself, from buying raw materials to the last phase of packing. The process is very simple but the end result is very tasty, all she uses is pudina, wash it dry it and crush it into a fine powder, add lime and sugar to it and the end product gets ready to go shipping. The best part about Swasti’s pudina punch the product is absolutely plastic free, she creates her own newspaper packing bags to avoid plastic use.

The final product is dainty and fresh, each bottle costs Rs 200 & is shipped across India at an added charge. Up to 30 drinks can be made from a 1-litre bottle.

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Swasti is a happy child and her brother is her partner in all good and bad. Her brother, Aarsh actively participates in the creation of fun Insta reels for Swasti & believe us, the brother-sister duo is a treat to watch. So if you really wish to see something bracing today, watch Swasti’s Instagram reels. With the help of her family, she is creating just not refreshing mint juice but also exhilarating content on social media, and I bet her punch as well as the videos will make your day brighter.

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