Women’s Day Tribute To 5 Unsung Women Indian Freedom Fighters, Who Broke The Bones Of The Enemies Single-Handedly

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Indian freedom fighters fear nobody whether we talk about history where brave kings like Prithviraj Chouhan and Jai Chand defeated the invaders Or today when the Indian armed forces fear nobody. India is a land filled with bravery and sacrifice.

Be it against the initial invaders like Mohamad Gouri or the Britishers. We have shown them all, that when the question is of Mother-land we don’t give a second thought.

“Saar kata sakte hai lekin sar jhuka sakte nahi”, has always been our motto from Prithiviraj Chouhan to Shivaji Maharaj and Maharana Pratap, our history has enshrined their names with gold.

Women’s Day Tribute

There is a little twist in today’s dose of patriotism for our readers. When I say The Warriors of India protecting their land from the invasion, we all picture a well-built man riding a horse with the rush of warm blood and aggression in the eye but what if I say that India is not the land of warriors but is Kshatrani ki Dharti (Land of War​rior​ess).

Women’s Day is observed with great pride around the world. Since we often talk about the amazing women in India and around the world, let’s dedicate today to honouring the women freedom fighters in India. Let’s honour 5 Unsung Women Indian freedom fighters whose stories are not yet popular and I wonder why this is it so.

Rani Durgavati

The queen of Gondwana, Rani Durgavati, was a furious fighter with intelligence, wit, and valour. After her husband’s demise, she assumed the throne in her son’s name. She wouldn’t budge and showed up on the battlefield to defend her realm when the Mughal General Khwaja Abdul Majid Asaf Khan invaded it with his vast army.

Despite suffering severe wounds, she battled valiantly, saying that she would rather die than give up. Her death date is commemorated as “Balidan Diwas” in recognition of her bravery.


  • The government of India issued a postal stamp commemorating her death, on 24 June 1988.
  • Indian Coast Guard on 14 July 2018 commissioned ICGS Rani Durgavati, the third Inshore Patrol Vessel (IPV) of its kind. In the honor of her bravery.
Women's Day TRIBUTE
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Maharani Tarabai

Maharani Tarabai, the fearsome ruler of the Maratha Empire, was well-known throughout the world for her exploits in all good ways. With her quick wit and intelligence, this queen brought the powerful Mughal emperor Aurangzeb to his knees and prevented him from acquiring control of her realm, which was a dream he had harboured for years.

Source- Wikipedia

Tarabai appointed her son Shivaji II the king after Sambhaji and Rajaram, the heirs to the throne & passed away. Her leadership was crucial because, without it, the Maratha kingdom would have been readily captured by the Mughals.

Mata Bhag Kaur

In the Battle of Muktsar in 1705, Mai Bhago, the sole daughter of a wealthy landowner from a village near modern-day Amritsar, led a group of 40 Sikh soldiers against the 10,000-man Mughal force.

Women Indian freedom Fighters
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Eventually, she even acted as Guru Gobind Singh’s bodyguard while he was in exile in Maharashtra.

Naika devi

The story of a queen who, alongside showing unimaginable bravery to drive away Islamic invader Mohammad Ghori, also displayed astounding kindness by saving his life. Gujarati monarch Naiki Devi not only managed the empire’s affairs but also had to engage in combat with foreign invaders.

When Rani Naiki Devi discovered that Ghori intended to attack her by crossing the desert and landing in her capital city of Anhilwara, she made a request for assistance to nearly all neighboring Kingdoms in order to stop the invasion and protect the kingdom. She was assisted by Chalukyan nobility.

She chose Gadarghatta, a rough area on the modern Mount Abu’s foothills, as the battleground. The Rajput battle elephants were heavily fortified and arranged like steel mountainsides. They destroyed the experienced armored troops of Ghori.

Naika devi with her tactical intelligence defeated the massive Ghori army and forced him to run from the battlefield. The event caused huge damage to the massive-brave image of Ghori.

Mohamad ghouri’s conflict with Prithviraj Chouhan is something we all have read and heard of but time has erased the names of such Unsung Women Indian Freedom Fighters and their bravery.

Hadi Rani

Until now we read about the bravery and strength of warriors on the battlefield but who would have imagined that bravery can be showcased even without entering the battlefield?

As we all know Rajasthan has always been an epicentre of courage and bravery. Kings of Rajputana have sacrificed what not just to protect their land and esteem but Rajput Ranis have courage and strength like never seen before.

To fight the invader Aurangzeb, the Rana of Mewar summoned the chieftain of Salumbar, Rao Ratan Singh Chundawat. But he was newly married and was hesitant to leave her wife yet. He requested a memento from her before he left for war.

Women Indian freedom Fighters
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When the husband of Hadi Rani of Rajasthan asked her for a souvenir to take to the fight. She cut off her head and placed it on a plate, believing that she was preventing Rao Chundawat from carrying out his obligation to Mewar.

It was given to her husband by a servant who covered it with a cloth. The Rajput warrior, who was devastated but nonetheless proud, tied the memento around his neck by its hair & entered the bottle field roaring like a lion.

When their uprising came to an end, he got to his knees and cut his own neck because he no longer had any desire to live.

History has always been unfair toward such brave women. There is a very rare sight of such names being listed in the forefront. Reasons are vivid but the loss is – We are missing stories worth falling in love with.

Listing up only 5 such brave Women Indian freedom Fighters was a tough task as Indian History is filled with the stories of courage and bravery of Women and sharing the story of only 5 is an unfair job, but we surely going to dig more into the history books and will get back to you soon. Till then stay tuned.

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