Farmer’s Daughter, Mitali Prasad, Going Door To Door To Raise Funds For Mountaineering; Collecting 35 Lakh For Climbing Mt Everest

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Mitali Prasad

An incredible story of determination and bravery comes to light in the little village of Mayapur in the Bihar region of India’s Nalanda district. One of eight girls and the daughter of a farmer, 26-year-old Mitali Prasad’s journey from a mountain close to her village to becoming one of the youngest female mountaineers is nothing short of inspirational.

After a life-changing event, Mitali was inspired to pursue her mountaineering goals despite facing financial difficulties and societal stereotypes.

From Local Aspirations to Global Dreams

Growing up in Mayapur Village, a local mountain just a few kilometers away from her village became a source of wonder for Mitali Prasad. The mountain peak seemed to amaze her, creating a spark of curiosity and adventure. Despite belonging to a farmer family where opportunities were short, Mitali never let her humble background stop her from dreaming big.

She enrolled at Patna University. A crucial turning point in her path was when she got caught in Uttarakhand following a cloud burst occurrence happening around  2013.

Her objective was strengthened by this challenging experience, which also served as a turning point that pushed her closer to her true dream of mountaineering.

In 2016, Mitali received a golden opportunity to climb Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. However, her dreams hit an obstacle as she faced a lack of financial support. She need a sum of around 35 lakhs and this was way too much for a farmer’s daughter to have.

The Government of Bihar’s apathy towards her passion for mountaineering was a severe blow, leaving her with a broken heart and dream. however, Mitali refused to give up on her dreams. She decided to ask for help from wherever possible, be it friends, family, neighbors, or strangers.

Facing the overwhelming challenges, a tiny ray of hope emerged when she received a modest amount of support from Patna University. The support extended by students and professors further motivated her determination to overcome the odds.

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Mitali was able to collect the money she needed to start her adventure to climb the world’s highest peaks by relying on her utter determination and the goodwill of those who believed in her. She received humble help from local level and started her journey.

Conquering The Challenges and Shattering Records

As a mountaineer, Mitali Prasad faced many difficulties and demanding physical conditions. Her remarkable journey included struggles with frostbite, dangerous terrain, and terrible weather. She overcame several difficult peaks, including Kanchenjunga, Tiger Hills, and Kilimanjaro, with unbreakable determination, establishing herself as an inspirational force in the climbing community.

Her greatest achievement, however, came when she climbed Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America’s Andes range, becoming one of the youngest Indian women to do so and breaking a number of world records in the process.

Her incredible accomplishments not only garnered her personal notoriety but also served as a lighthouse of inspiration and hope for aspiring mountaineers, particularly those from disadvantaged origins.

What’s next for Mitali Prasad

A combination of strength, determination, and constant motivation can be seen in Mitali Prasad’s journey from the lowly town of Mayapur to becoming one of the youngest Indian women to reach the peak of Aconcagua. She has demonstrated that with firm effort and the help of like-minded people, goals can be fulfilled despite financial problems, social pressures, and government indifference.

Her story serves as a reminder that, for those with the courage to pursue their goals with solid commitment, no mountain is impossible. In the record of climbing history, Mitali Prasad’s name remains indelible, inspiring future generations.

Mad4India Appreciates Mitali’s efforts and determination and wishes her the best for her future. You can Mitali’s Instagram and Facebook.

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