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As kids, we have all praised the “Chanda-mama” but Priya took inspiration & gave birth to the Chand foundation instead.

We have all read the story of Razia’s Dream as kids, & as adults, we all should read the story of Priya’s Dream because it is more than just a dream; it is a work of art with a dash of love.

Priya Rathore, the founder of the Chand Foundation, toiled for her idea of entrepreneurship, making not only her an independent woman but also inspiring many other women to dream big.

Source – Priya Rathore

The Dream thus began when Priya was a young girl and traveled to Ranthambore to visit her family. She found it amusing that the women of a remote village in Ranakpur were independent and proudly displaying their skills by making toys, bags, and accessories by upcycling waste cloth.

Bags and other accessories curated by this NGO were just not beautiful but sustainable & tourists visiting their store loved them so much. She was mesmerized to know that the women of the village are so creative, as a kid, she was so impressed by this idea that she decided to learn from it. That day the trip ended but sow a dream in her heart.

Chand foundation
Source- Instagram

As we know life stops for nobody. Priya continued living a typical life, like all of us, scrolling, reading, and growing up beautifully. But the thought of starting her own business that empowered women of her village held a special place in her heart and mind. Years passed and she completed her graduation in BJMC from Jaipur, Rajasthan.

When most people start working up their corporate ladder she shifted to live with her grandparents. Once when she was back in her village the same old dream of hers’ took the front seat.

Dream Turn Into Reality- The Idea

Priya started her one homegrown business and called it the Chand Foundation, after her mother’s name Chand Kanwar. In her interview with MAD4INDIA, Ms. Priya shared,

My mother has always been a source of inspiration for me and while thinking about the name for my own business, I thought what else could better suit the business idea than “CHAND” My source of energy, light and inspiration.

“CHAND” means the moon is the most magical celestial body. It’s a muse for poets, an object of curiosity for scientists, a matter of hope for lovers, and became the inspiration for Priya.

Priya Rathore loved the way the moon illuminates a dark night for so many people. It not only illuminates the area beneath it, but it also serves as a source of energy for the stars nearby. Priya began lighting the area around her while picturing the moon as her muse.

Source – Instagram

It was not easy to set up one’s own brand but her utmost sincerity toward her dream of helping local women artisans and doing something of her own paved the way for her.

Chand Foundation

Source – Priya Rathore

It seems quite unrealistic for us as to how can a child dream of something like this and how can a little girl’s dream be of such great substance and value. Chand Foundation is a live example of “Dreams don’t have an age”. Chand foundation is like a baby for Ms. Priya. A childhood dream that she has seen with glitters in her eyes. Now when she is 25, she is literally living her childhood dream.

Chand is a locally developed company founded on the notion of slow life. Our incredibly talented women who work at Chand create handcrafted clothing, home décor items, and lifestyle accessories with affection.

She quickly identified several women in her village Kanota and nearby villages, who possessed extraordinary sewing talent. It was a tough task as she has to go door to door in this talent hunt.

The ladies i met were very shy initially and were fearful to work proffessionally as sweing up till now was their hobby, they never though of making it thier earning source on a larger platform.

Despite all the hurdles she created a platform where these women could express themselves & their skills. She has seen these women grow with the help of the Chand foundation. Shy and unconfident women now have an empowered voice.

Source- Instagram

A Sustainable Model Of Business

She decided on upcycling tonnes of waste or leftover clothing that would otherwise go into landfills in order to support the ongoing growth of her community. She herself learned the art of sewing so that she can create manageable designs out of waste cloth.

“Katarans” are nothing new to us, we have all seen waste cloth but never thought of using it. Small tits and bits of leftover cloth which we usually ignore and consider waste became the base for my idea.

“Katarans” was put to good use. They were used and turned into beautiful bags, toys, and other items. At the same time, women got to showcase their talent and got employment.

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The Dreamer Girl – Priya Rathore

Priya Rathore is a dreamer of age 25 from a small village Kanota in Rajasthan. Chand Foundation is not merely a business but rather a stage of acknowledgment for women who have never realized the value of their own labor.

I entered the village as a 21-year-old naive girl, but now I am friends with a group of rural women who share their thoughts, struggles, and confidence with me.

Source – Priya Rathore

Even though some women are unable to leave their homes, the Chand Foundation has found a way to reach out to them; Priya sends all the necessary raw materials to their location and picks up the finished pieces of art from there.

Not just that Ms. Priya has a wider goal behind the business,

The purpose is to revive the traditional art work that is being forgotten in the new era of machine fashion like our traditional thatiya work and kantha work.

While upcycling waste clothing, Priya is attempting to reintroduce the traditional rural stitching technique of Rajasthan like block printing, patchwork, etc, made by the women of the area, leading to their upliftment and independence, what more can we ask from a 25-year-old.

I’m overjoyed to be helping the women in my community become independent. I am proud of what I’m attempting to do. One day each woman in my village will make her own, money and the Chand foundation will finally be illuminating the whole sky of this rural village.

Source – Priya Rathore

You little girl, Mad4india is so proud of you. You are so deserving of growth and success. A schoolgirl’s dream is empowering so many, today what better can dreams do for us?

We advise you to dream big and request you to support all the dreamers’ out there, Connect with the Chand Foundation, and give them all your love.

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