Man From Assam Began Teaching Poor Kids For Free With Just Rs 800 In Pocket: Today, Parijat Academy Teaches 400 Kids From Over 20 Villages

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Parijat Academy

We have always heard, “Padhai Karlo! Tabhi Acha Future Banega” and even our parents put all the efforts into providing us with the best holistic education. But what about those parents who fail to do the same for their kids? Hundreds of children grow up without any real education and their future often looks dark. Well, in every moment of darkness, Parijat Academy is becoming a ray of light for those poor kids.

Educating Children
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Parijat Academy has been providing education to the kids who belong to less-privileged areas and tribal communities for 20 years in Assam.

A Real-Life hero: Uttam Teron

With a vision of giving a bright future to every underprivileged child, Uttam Teron is the founder of the Parijat Academy. He dreams of bringing change into the society by providing free and holistic education to the kids who belong to the tribal and less-privileged areas where education is limited.

In 2003, when Uttam Teron, a native of Pamohi village was still a young graduate, he envisioned establishing a learning center for village youngsters who had dropped out of school. He barely had INR 800 to spare for this undertaking, which he had earned by delivering private tuition to students. It was a near-impossible dream, but Uttam Teron, the guy behind it, was not one to give up easily.

Parijat Academy celebrates 20 years of educating poor kids.

Uttam Teron fulfilled his near-impossible dream as he built the Parijat Academy in the 100-square-foot room. This center started with teaching children of the 4-6 age group. Since then, that 100-square-foot room has grown in two schools in the villages of Pamohi and Garbhanga.

Parijat Academy
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With his commitment and determination, Uttam Teron founded Parijat Academy in 2003. It is a non-profit organization that provides a nurturing, learning and positive environment to less-privileged kids. Uttam Teron was deeply committed to instilling values and life skills in children and youth so that they could ensure their futures through meaningful employment and become responsible citizens.

Education at Parijat Academy
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This academy was established 20 years ago and till now, it has catered to 350 students and is still counting. They aim to grow the school’s capacity to 500 students. They also organize different programs in their schools, such as dance and drama, educational trips, health care delivery and teaching weaving and tailoring as livelihood support.

Awards & Recognitions

Eastern India Women Association Social Service Award2009
CNN IBN Heroes Award in 2011 2011
Karmayogi award from Lions Club in 2017.2017

Educating Kids of families who are below the poverty line

Parijat Academy has set up two schools in Assam and each of the schools is educating kids of families and tribal communities who are below the poverty line.

The first one is located in Pamohi Village outside of Guwahati, is a 20-year-old school which educates children from nursery to grade 10 and provides housing for children from outlying areas. The second day-school owned by Parijat Academy is located in the isolated village of Garbhanga, that serves kids from lower primary to grade four.

Holistic education of children in Assam
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In addition to holistic education, Parijat Academy also conducts academic and non-academic programs for those kids. This academy aims to develop a love for learning among the children of families below the poverty line. This academy wishes these children to realize their full potential and make their future bright and successful.

With proper and basic education, this academy also helps the children develop life skills and interests in sports, health and other extracurricular activities. Helping these kids develop a basic mindset will give them confidence and build self-confidence.

Instilling the importance of moral values in less-privileged kids

By providing a stimulating learning environment, this academy aims to make these kids understand the importance of moral values. These less-privileged kids grew up in an environment where they were thrown into the dark world of human labor, where they were treated poorly and were considered untouchables.

Holistic education at Parijat Academy
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Understanding the need for a positive and educated environment for the development of these kids, Parijat Academy has provided some special facilities that are not provided by any traditional school.

1. Free Education

Education is the basic universal opportunity that every child deserves. This academy is making sure that every child from tribal communities and less-privileged families in Assam gets a chance to grow and make their life meaningful. Thus, this academy provides free education to these kids.

2. Hostel Facilities

To save these kids from that toxic environment, Uttam Teron has also provides them hostel facilities. The children from remote villages stay in these accommodations free of charge, where the members of Parijat Academy take care of them.

3. Basic Health Development

These poor kids often suffer from malnutrition, leading to their poor health conditions. Thus, Parijat Academy takes care of their health by feeding them nutritious meals. Also, assist them with physical education and life skills.

4. Practical Knowledge of Life skills

In addition to education, this academy is also assisting the kids with livelihood skills so that they can conquer future challenges and become financially stable.

Good work deserves support!

Providing free-of-cost holistic education and hostel accommodations to these kids was not possible without the support of the people. To make this possible, the volunteers of this academy accept free stationery, books, toys, school uniforms, and sports equipment as gifts.

Donation at Parijat Academy
Source- Academy Website

One can make donations to help them complete their different campaign targets in which they sponsor a child and teacher for a year.

We at Mad4India appreciate Parijat Academy for its revolutionary initiative. To learn more about them, you can check out their Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find Parijat Academy in Assam?

Parijat Academy is located in Pamohi, P.O. Garchuk, Guwahati, Assam. This academy has two branches, one on the outskirts of Guwahati and one in Garbhanga.

In transforming India, How many children are still illiterate?

As per the research, despite the constant and accumulative efforts, 25% of Indians are still illiterate, which leads to their seclusion from society.

Which charities are providing free education to underserved children?

Mad4India has covered some charities that provide free education to underserved children, such as Spread Khushi, Charitable LB Savani School, and 17000ft Foundation.

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