Story of ASAMA From ASSAM – HandCrafts For Home Decoration- See How This Magnificent Idea Improved Several Lives

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Handcrafts for home decoration

I often see beautiful handcrafts for home decoration and wonder who would have made them. Who would have put so much effort into the little details? Which were those hands who crafted it so beautifully just so that our homes look more aesthetic and warm.

Finally got my answer, the artisans from rural India put in their whole heart and skill to beautify our homes. During pivotal Covid-19 moments, when the entire world was going through its most trying time. Some people struggled even more because they had to work hard just to meet their bare necessities. In times of crisis, there did exist people who were determined to help the needy and lend a helping hand to help such artisans. Mrs Richika & Noopur the heart and brain behind Aasma are such people.

Handcrafts for home decoration
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What an Idea Sirji: How A Simple Idea Of Instagram Handel Changed The Life Of Several Women In This Village

During the time of crisis when we all were stuck in our houses blaming the system, government and more over the disease that led us to the situation of complete lockdown. Mrs Richika and her companion … thought of something so usual yet so extraordinary.

The covid lockdown gave birth to the miracle of present-day ASAMA, a small startup established to help needy artisans. It was a random idea of creating an Instagram Handel which led to a bigger change. It changed the life of many and is still growing to help furthermore people, especially women.

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handcrafts for home decoration
Source- Instagram

Asama was founded during the pandemic to help struggling craftspeople. Everyone was impacted by the pandemic, but the artisan community suffered the most because they had no access to markets or any way to reach their target audience. And at this point in time, Asama showed up and shined a slight start for the craft-doing community. Richika along with noopur decided to create an Instagram page for the uneducated yet talented artisans to showcase their talent through the lens of her Instagram page. Alimur’s village artisans benefited from Asama’s assistance in terms of supplying cutting-edge designs, superior raw materials, tools, and marketing connections.

ASAMA From ASSAM: Handcrafts For Home Decoration Which Are Thoughtfully Stylish

Asama is established in the Assamese village of Alimur. They basically collaborate with the local weavers to create exquisite interior decor, gift items and homecrafts for home decoration. Each piece of art is unique and authentic, the craftspeople make each item by hand taking enough time for a perfect result. They are entirely environmentally friendly because they are manufactured by weaving natural fibre.

By purchasing Asama’s goods, you will not only add a beautiful piece to your house but you will also support a female artist in providing for her family and herself. You will therefore be what we refer to as “Thoughtfully Stylish.”

Asama’s product line includes office décor items, handmade table mats, handwoven baskets, eco-friendly planters, and home decor items for the living room.

Story Of Stories: What Made ASAMA The Brand It Is Today

Many residents of the village and the surrounding area find employment as the village industry grows. This relieves pressure on cities while also making the hamlet rich and self-sufficient. Richika wanted to do something for the community and the residents because she was born and raised there. The epidemic provided a chance to discover the locals’ talents, and Asama was established to utilise their artisanal abilities.

Story Of Name: WHY ASAMA

Asama is an Arabic word for unmatched or extraordinary. The name of our cherished state, Assam, is likewise derived from Asama. Asama strives to offer outstanding service, exceptional products, and extraordinary care.

Story Of Logo: A Leaf And A Bird In An Imperfect Circle

Moreover how beautiful is the thought behind the brand can easily be reflected through its logo which contains a leaf and a bird in an imperfect circle which symbolises the ideology that, they want to fly high like a bird, but they also want to be rooted to the ground like a leaf.

handcrafts for home decoration
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In order to discover fresh talent and a new personality, our artisans had to break down barriers of self-doubt and poor self-esteem. This is symbolised by the fractured circle that surrounds the bird.

What Makes ASAMA Stand Out Of The Rest

  • Empowering Women: The workforce of 60 independent and dedicated women makes the initiative shine brighter. 95% of the artisans and staff of ASAMA are women. It is not an institution that makes sales but an innovative idea of Empowering women and making them self-dependent.
  • Mission Skill India: Who could have come up with the idea to benefit and promote local art and make the artisans skilled simultaneously? Basically, in my eye, it is the perfect form of Mission Skill India.
  • Vocal for Local: Vocal for local is yet another government initiative that has got an edge through Asama. A brand that not just help the local but also promote them and make them more accessible.
  • Made In India– In the world where we see that every bit of our lives is surrounded by Chinese products of handcrafts for home decoration. Despite a wide range of home craft home decor in India we still fall for cheaper Chinese products. Asama sorts this problem for us and makes the Indian product spread its reach among the Indian crowd.
  • Make your home more beautiful: The ultimate goal of the whole initiative is to make your house look more like a home. add on the warmth by placing these handcrafts for home decoration at the right spot.
handcrafts for home decoration
Source- Instagram

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How Can We Reach Out To Our Articians

It is simple, the idea that changed the life of artisans of Assam is the place where you can buy their products and shower your love on them, INSTAGRAM. You can also visit Asama’s official WEBSITE. These simple handcrafts for home decoration are easily available for buying. Aasma in itself is worth “aww”, read the story of Aasma’s brain Mrs Richika, you’ll simply fall in love with her thoughts. stay tuned the next article is already in the queue.

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