Scaling The Everest, Truly Inspiring Story Of Father-Daughter Duo Who Live For Adventure Sports

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Adventure Sports

Whenever women are told that ‘they can’t’ they always prove the world wrong. The same goes for the brave duo of the father-daughter – Miss Deeya Suzannah Bajaj and her father Mr. Ajeet Bajaj. This father-daughter duo lives for adventure sports and is always ready for a new adventure in their life. This time they have done something that only a few brave hearts dare to do. Scaling the Everest. Their story is full of true dedication, grit, hard work, and passion to live their lives to the fullest.

How Adventure Sports Become A Bond For Them

Mr. Ajeet Bajaj was born in Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh, and since his childhood, his father introduced him to the outdoors and later through his college – Delhi’s St. Stephen’s College, he started practicing climbing, rafting, skiing and eventually pursued adventure sports professionally. When asked about his daughter in an interview he quoted “I was lucky enough to introduce Deeya early into extreme outdoors and she took to it naturally”.

Deeya was a daredevil since her childhood, ever since she was young, she was always into adventure sports. She also participated in swimming in school nationals and has a Taekwondo black belt. On being asked about her dad she said “I am lucky to have my dad as my partner. We did cross-country skiing in 2012, and I was the youngest person on the planet to ski across the Greenland ice cap, which is the second-largest chunk of ice after Antarctica”.

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When they decided to climb Mt. Everest, they knew it was never going to be easy. So, they started training in the gym to get into great shape and then did four expeditions to get a hang of each other as mountaineering partners before the great climb.

The Everest Expedition

Deeya and her father started climbing on 10th April in 2012 from Tibet. It was going to be a hard climb as they anticipated, they had trained the whole year for this and had done enough adventure sports to get a hang of the adrenaline rush, but still, they had some fear of the unknown.

They were going to climb on steep snow slopes and it was extremely hard and dangerous with winds rushing in at 50-60 km per hour. They felt anxious that their tent was going to get blown away with them inside. When things got hard, they had a lot of negative thoughts crossing their minds. They were sure that they won’t be able to go ahead that night, but luckily the next morning the wind died down and things fell back on track.

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The Last Leap To The Top

The next morning, it was special for this father-daughter, this was the day they climb and hoist the tricolor on the peak of Mount Everest. It was a normal day; the temperatures were anywhere between -35 to -40 degrees Celsius. But to their shock, they found that Mr. Ajeet’s oxygen mask was not working. But as heroes are built in the direst moments, this was the moment for Mr. Ajeet Bajaj to decide whether he would continue further, but as giving his whole life to the adventure sports had taught him to ‘never say never’, having the nerves of steel, without panicking he let Deeya climb ahead. Making this call was dangerous and difficult but it was necessary. Luckily he found another spare oxygen mask and resumed climbing and at 4:30 pm they reached the peak and saw the sunrise. It was a really special moment for them and a proud moment for not just them but all the daughters and their fathers in India.

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Deeya’s View On Women In Adventure Sports

“I have been really lucky because my parents have supported me in all my ventures. In our country, where adventure sports are usually associated with boys, my father was taking me on all sorts of adventures across the world. Through this expedition, we wanted to send out a message that girls can do anything and can reach any height if they have the support of their families”.

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Mad4India wishes Deeya and Ajeet Bajaj best wishes for all their future endeavors.

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