Meet the 28-years-old Aishwarya Ayushman, aka Lush Monsoon, who is a human rights lawyer in the daytime and drag queen by night

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Aishwarya Ayushman

Society expects people to conform to their gender roles even if people do not resonate with them. The fear of judgment prevents people from taking up gender roles they connect to. Today’s inspirational story at mad4india is about Aishwarya Ayushman, who broke the societal norms of gender and followed his heart.

Profession, Career Choices and Childhood

Aishwarya Ayushman is a 28-year-old human rights lawyer in the daytime and Drag queen at night. He is also known by the name ‘Lush Monsoon.’ He originally belongs to Ranchi, but now is settled in Delhi.

As a child, he used to observe his mom’s dress and use makeup various times. The whole concept of dressing up and a makeover was intriguing to Ayushman. Once, he tried wearing his mother’s dupatta and her earrings. The look she gave her made him understand his actions were something unacceptable in society.

Aishwarya Ayushman
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School and College Life

Even schoolboys that were feminine were teased. He realized he would face the same consequences and hid his true identity and feelings. Being from a small town, he only had a few conventional options like – doctor, lawyer, engineer, or a government employee. Finally, he pursued law at NUJS Kolkata.

Even after being a topper, it was difficult for him to find work. During his college days, Ayushman realized he was not happy about hiding his true identity, and it was necessary to do what he liked. He pursued theatre and moved to Delhi.

Aishwarya Ayushman
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Change in Profession and Challenges Faced

Aishwarya Ayushman faced problems while buying makeup for the first time. The shopkeepers did not readily give makeup and asked many questions. The first transformation made Ayushman feel amazing. He knew that this was his true calling, and then there was no looking back.

He did some online shows with his friends, and the response was beyond expectations. In 2017, he debuted in the International Queer Theater and Film Festival. He even took part in the binge session of RuPaul’s Drag Race. It is a famous drag queen show that aired on Netflix. After the show, Ayushman realized he found his true calling.

He mentioned, ” Being a drag queen helped me to connect to myself. My confidence increased. I understood the true meaning of accepting myself. I became a body positivity model with time. Dressing up made me realize how beautiful I looked. It did not matter how others saw me.”

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Identifying as Lush Monsoon

For a long period, Ayushman kept another identity as a secret. One day he took part in an online lip-syncing competition. He introduced himself as Lush. The response he received was phenomenal. Ayushman then performed in public. In 2017, he performed a public show and received a fabulous response. He revealed his identity and gave an interview the very next morning.

He mentioned, “Lush is not just a character that I take on the stage. She is a very huge part of me that stays within even when I take the makeup off. I just express my true self on the stage. Earlier I used to sensor what I truly felt because I feared judgment. But now I am proud of who I am and I can openly express my inner self.”

Aishwarya Ayushman
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Following True Passion

Currently, he is happy with the way things are and feels liberated. He is an inspiration for all those people who forcefully conform to their gender roles against their wishes.

Aishwarya Ayushman
Image Source – Instagram

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