Powerlifter & Gym Coach Vinutha Raghunath, 54, Breaks World Record By Lifting 130 Kgs

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Age is no barrier to stop you from conquering your passion. Vinutha Raghunath, a gym coach, a trainer, and a powerlifter, at the age of 54, created a world record.

With a set of barbells and deadlifts, it is no joke that powerlifting is a type of strength sport. True, it is one of the best exercises to build strength and power-up, but it requires determination and will to continue forward.

From a Chartered Accountant to a powerlifting athlete, a 54-year-old powerlifter and gym coach has had some career changes to her newfound passion.

While leading a sedentary lifestyle with a monotonous routine, the gym coach was becoming obese and apathetic. To overcome, she joined a gym, and that is when things turned out to be good.

Mad4India presents the story of Vinutha Raghunath, who is known as the ‘Best Lifter of India; and is now a trainer and gym coach. She recently lifted 130 Kg, which is two Kg above the world record.

Powerlifter and gym coach – Vinutha Raghunath

Vinutha Raghunath
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When she was lifting dead weight, she could do it so well in initial days. Vinutha Raghunath was dedicated and many impressed with her performance. Her peers commented on her pursuing powerlifting as a sport.

The powerlifter and gym coach decided to give it a shot and joined the K11 School of Fitness Science to build a career in the fitness industry. After a while of her contribution, she joined as the Master Trainer.

A Master Trainer is the one who teaches the correct biomechanics of each lift and also weighs training exercises to other trainers.

The gym coach joined her first competition as an athlete at the state level and won a silver medal.

One step leads to another. Vinutha Ragunath, the gym coach in her following years, when she was 46-years-old self-funded her trip to the Commonwealth Games in South Africa and bagged a Gold for India. Her 57- Kg frame of her success is adorned on several podiums as the Best Lifter.

The journey of her discipline, dedication, and compassionate training had also won her 8 Strongwoman titles and 2 Asian Championships.

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The now gym coach is also a national record holder for all three Squats, Bench, and Deadlift.
It was recently in the greenery of Kerala that the 54-year-old powerlifter and gym coach was proclaimed the “Best Lifter of India.”

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She had squatted, bench-pressed, deadlifted, and secured the title in the world record in the Classic Masters-2 (above age 40) women. The event was held in Alleppey. She lifted 130 Kgs, two Kg above the world record.

Her passion and striking personality make her seem like the oldest student registered in the country’s academy.

She has proved and performed that age and gender have no biasness when following your passion and fuelling it with consistency, hard work, and dedication.

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Apart from showing adherence, the gym coach had to undergo a diet change. Proper nutrition is essential to strengthening the muscle. Vinutha also included non-vegetarian to build body stamina.

There are so many myths about success, but if you have the character to grow successful, nothing can stop you from conquering your destination.

Vinutha Raghunath is a trainer and gym coach and is eager to participate in the coming powerlifting championships in Canada in October and New Zealand in November 2022. Unlike other sponsored athletes, Vinutha Raghunath, the gym coach, funds her trip.

Apart from powerlifting, Vinutha Raghunath instructs and is a gym coach to other peers. She holds a strict diet and has a punctual setup such as her routine practice and daily 6-Km-Walks.

Inspiration to many and an encouragement to others to follow their passion, no matter what age. Mad4India bestows tons of wishes on Vinutha Raghunath, the 54-year-old powerlifter and gym coach with a life of success.

To know about Vinutha Raghunath, please check – Instagram

Source of Information – The Times Of India

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