‘Kill The Waste’ – Greenikk Building Robust Supply Chain, Turning Organic Waste Into Banana

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An end-to-end supply chain linking banana growers, traders, and exporters on a single platform has been established by Kerala-based agribusiness Greenikk.

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Young IT professionals Fariq Naushad and Previn Jacob co-founded Greenikk. This platform will assist farmers in better utilizing the organic waste left over after the harvest as manure and poultry feed. This will help the farmers generate additional income and reduce air pollution from burning post-harvest waste. They decided on the banana as their project’s fruit because they thought it had the most potential to enhance exports when connected to a solid and dependable value chain. Utilizing water for usable goods is not something new but it’s still uncommon.

Many indian are trying to bring a change by introducing the ‘trash to treasure’ policy, just like The Pad Woman of India, Anju Bist from Kerala; who Makes Reusable Menstrual Pads From Banana Fibre, but the road to this mission is long and bumpy.

 Greenikk chain
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India produces over 25% of the world’s bananas, and in the past nine years, its exports of this crop have multiplied eightfold. India produced 32.6 million tonnes of bananas in 2020 with a land area of 9.6 lakh hectares under production, according to the National Research Centre for Bananas (NRCB).

In Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, three of the largest banana-producing states, Greenikk has established enablement centres (EC). These centres would offer the farmers the necessary assistance, such as financial assistance, seeds, crop consulting services, insurance coverage, agro-inputs, including weather forecasts, and market connections, addressing every aspect of fruit production and commercialization.

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Similar ECs are anticipated in the southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, as well as continued expansion throughout the country.

Social Initiative Through The Chain

Nearly 20 crore post-harvest plant stems are burned or otherwise destroyed every year. According to the founders of Greenikk, their goal is to ensure farmers receive more revenue by adding value to the waste materials while also reducing air pollution.

Although the USA and the UK produce just one-third as much as India, they control most of the well-known international brands of value-added banana goods. Despite having a large export capacity for bananas, India has yet to fully tap into the massive global market for banana-based snacks, health products, and nutritional supplements. The goal of Greenikk is to put Indian bananas on a reliable supply chain with international reach, which will ultimately help our farmers and combat the supply chain issues in India.

Initiatives of Greenikk by OhKela – Supply Chain for Bananas

Kela Mandi

Customers can purchase the proper Grade of produce from the chosen farming belts at a reasonable price while also enjoying a simple ordering process with complete transparency & trust thanks to Kela-Mandi Ohkela’s regulated marketplace.


Science and nature work together for your benefit! For our farmers, the Kela-Kisan app is the one-stop shop. Now Kela-Kisan will handle all of your banana-specific farm-related demands. They will have access to everything, including real-time weather-based crop advisories and Agri inputs.

banana Supply chain
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One of the most challenging issues in the value chain for bananas—the enormous working capital requirements throughout the supply chain—is resolved by Kela-Fin. They work with established financial institutions to establish credit scores for customers based on their Kela Mandi app payment history. Therefore, the raised credit score will aid in establishing trustworthiness and trust.

Store Kela

A global marketplace for banana plant parts and items with additional value, Kela Store sells bananas. Everything from high-quality banana fibre to banana pickles and chips to rugs, carpets, and handicrafts.

 Greenikk chain
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Greenikk is a one-stop solution for the banana market of India & with it, banana farmers can now do good to nature while being happy with their pockets. This startup is a new trend maker in the southern states & gradually to the whole country.

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