This Sister Duo Decided Against High-Paying Jobs To Pursue A Personal Calling To Help Cancer Patients- Meet Sandhya Rao And Sukanya Rao

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Be certain that you do not die without having done something wonderful for humanity.

Maya Angelou

That’s what these two sisters, Sandhya Rao and Sukanya Rao, believed in. Their brand, Wikiwear®, makes clothing for cancer patients.

Cancer is a life-threatening disease, and those who have fought this deadly disease are fighters themselves. But the physical and mental scars left behind fighting this fatal disease take a long time to heal.

Indeed, the scars might take years to fade, but that doesn’t mean they can’t lead a beautiful life. Isn’t that what we mean by “accepting the scars”? As shocking as it may sound, we don’t have the right clothing for cancer patients.

Source – Sandhya Rao

We, at Mad4India have brought you the story of this one-of-a-kind venture that helps breast cancer survivors accept their scars in style.

How Their Journey To Start Clothing For Cancer Patients Began?

These two women are not just sisters but each other’s biggest cheerleaders from early on in life. The 57-year-old Sukanya Rao is the eldest and the 55-year-old Sandhya Rao is the younger – whose idea was to start this venture.

Sandhya Rao is an engineer in textile technology, has a diploma in entrepreneurship, and has worked in the apparel industry both domestically and with international brands, whereas Sukanya Rao has experience in various fields, she is an MSc graduate and has experience in teaching, pharma, Auditing, and Arts as well.

Phew! For many of us, doing so much in life feels like we have already done a lifetime’s worth of work, but not for our incredible sister duo.

Source – Sandhya Rao

What do retirement and rest mean to them? At the age when most people begin planning their retirement, this sister duo began planning a new venture. The courage, guts, and zeal required to launch a business from the ground zero are commendable.

As We Say Progress Begins At Home- Inspiration to Start Clothing for Cancer Patients

After working for 20 years in the apparel industry, Sandhya wanted to be her own boss! Therefore, she and her sister co-founded Wikiwear®, a clothing company for cancer patients.

The sisters’ life took an unpredictable turn in 2016 when their own aunt and a good friend of theirs were diagnosed with breast cancer. After seeing someone dealing with cancer up close and personally, they realized the importance of proper clothing for cancer patients.

What started out as an idea for a business suddenly became a passion project for them. They wanted to help hundreds of women who are silently suffering from this deadly disease.

clothing for cancer patients
Source: Wikiwear

As they all say, God has something planned for each one of us- feels so true for this amazing sister duo, as if they were destined to always start this venture. After seeing someone so closely, they saw it’s not just a brand but the need of the hour—for all those women who are fighting breast cancer on a day-to-day basis.

How is Wikiwear – Clothing For Cancer Patients Designed?

In 2017, they first made a stylish cap to wear during chemotherapy which is made of breathable materials like cotton which are designed with deliberate efforts and inputs from oncologists and patients themselves.

The clothes for cancer patients evolved as they personally saw the need within their own families, as their treatment progressed over the course of time.

After that, they developed Mastectomy Bras as well – which are skin-friendly and at a competitive price from the market. And with their venture, they are also offering employment to so many women from the Self- help groups. Their products are imported as well.

clothing for cancer patients
Source: Wikiwear

Their biggest achievement was when their venture, Wikiwear®, clothing for cancer patients, was pre-incubated at NSRCEL and IIM-Bangalore, as one of the women’s start-ups.

How Does Clothing For Cancer Patients Reach The Target Market?

They send their clothes to cancer patients for sampling and testing to ensure that the clothes are of suitable quality. To market their brand Wikiwear®, clothing for cancer patients, they personally reach out to the doctors of Cancer Care Hospitals and to the brave cancer survivors, bringing them a sigh of relief with their comfortable wearables.

The body may get old but not the spirit of a person – our amazing sister duo is a living example of that. These two are learners of life and do not shy away from gaining new skills to enhance their brand and walk hand-in-hand with so many youngsters.

For that, they are keen on taking their brand to social media and many e-commerce platforms to reach a wider market and help many of the brave women fighting breast cancer.

Their one piece of advice to many youngsters who wants to start their own business is:-

“To believe in your dreams and do not give up on yourself and no matter how long it may take and to never shy away from asking for help”.

To know more about their brand. Click here.

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