Rutuchakra, an organization that spreads awareness related to Menstrual Health and Hygiene among women
Rajani Pandit – A remarkable story of India’s first female detective
Sabari Karthik – An inspiring story of a karate champion beating all odds to fulfill his late father’s dream
Meet Ramu Dosapati, the man who spent Rs. 50 lakhs from his life savings to help the needy during the Coronavirus outbreak
Masala Tokri – Introducing the incredible mother-daughter duo who turned their hobby into a startup that aims for a 1 crore turnover
Our Voix, an initiative by Megha Bhatia to raise awareness about sexual abuse among children
Krrish Chawla – A motivational story of a 19-year-old boy who made a low-cost air purifier for cleaner air
Aunkita Nandi – How this young girl from West Bengal built a million-dollar company from scratch, Wants to become the world’s famous Saas company
Senthil Kumar, a young innovator who is working hard to make his hometown, Madurai, a technology hub
Sana Arora – Heartwarming story of a change-maker who has successfully fed over 1 lakh underprivileged kids
Cherai Tails, an incredible initiative by Peshwa, is helping Dogs by providing them shelter, food, and medical care
Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju – A remarkable journey of Karnataka’s first trans-woman doctor
Meet the youngest woman sarpanch from Haryana – Parveen Kaur, Got CCTV, library, and solar lights to her village
Hyderabad engineering students innovated AC helmets for Industry workers to beat the summer heat
Malika Handa – An inspiring story of a hearing-impaired world chess champion
ThePincode: A startup idea by two friends that creates accessories for kids and teenagers containing socially relevant messages
Ankit Nagwanshi – Famous engineer chaiwala. The success story of an engineer turned tea seller in Madhya Pradesh
5 important sustainable living activities to engage your kids, Make them recycle, reuse and reduce
The New Shop – The success story of a Delhi-based startup that offers 24*7 service
How a Hyderabad based startup is targeting the biggest consumer market of the country, Hesa aims to become Amazon for rural India
Arun Sengupta invests his life savings to teach and feed the homeless children living on the streets of Calcutta
Kaitley – An initiative by a couple to create employment opportunities for mental illness survivors with just a cup of tea
MediCAB: Delivering portable hospitals to rural areas for treatment and care of COVID patients, Can be set up by 4 people in 2 hours
Tanya Kotnala – A beautiful story of a designer creating a social impact through art
An inspirational story of a differently-abled student, Anant Vaishya, Developed an app ‘Gud Ke Saathi’ to help farmers sell jaggery without middlemen
Garbage cafes in Delhi: Offering free food to everyone in exchange for plastic waste (Plastic Lao, Khana Khao)
Purav Desai – An innovator and the co-founder of Cupable, Making smart packaging from crop waste that is IOT-enabled and recyclable
22-Year-Old N. Dejeshwini bringing back childhood nostalgia through her artwork
Vanya Organic – A positive change by an IRS Officer who built a 100-acres food forest in Madhya Pradesh
KRYA Natural Detergent Powder: Low-cost, eco-friendly product for greenwashing, Save your kids and yourself from chemicals and adopt green detergent