Meet Kolkata’s Terrace Garden Guru :Housewife Turned To Social Influencing, Has More Than 27,000 Followers

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Terrace garden

Is there any heaven on earth? Just like the Garden of Eden, a terrace garden is one kind of heaven that we can create in our homes by adapting home gardening. Well, planting, or home gardening, is the process of creating life from seed. When we are too busy managing our day-to-day lives, we hardly find time to plant trees or take care of them. However, there are a few individuals, particularly those who are highly undervalued, such as housewives or homemakers.

Terrace Garden
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Homemakers are the underrated ninja influencers who are paving their way into the never-ending world of social media. Meet Nita Singh, a homemaker, who took up gardening as a hobby and transformed her home into a natural paradise.

Apart from home gardening, she is also influencing over 27k people by turning her hobby of planting into a passion for creating a terrace garden. Following her passion and handling her family together, Nita Singh made everything possible with her devotion and love for the plants.

Housewife’s Brain behind the idea of a Terrace Garden

Nita Singh is an ordinary housewife living in Naihati, Kolkata. She completed her education in West Bengal. Her love for gardening is derived from her Grandmother’s hometown, where she used to enjoy the beauty of gardens during summer vacation.

Nita Singh, Terrace garden
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She missed the open land of the garden after her marriage, as her husband was working in the Air Force. They used to live in Air Force service quarters. It was difficult for her to plant trees in their quarters. Nevertheless, her love for the gardens didn’t fade away. She began by growing fewer plants in the Air Force quarters. In the front yard, she planted flowering plants and vegetable plants in the back yard.

Now that she has her own home with so much space, she has created a terrace garden of more than 500 plants of diverse varieties. Calling her “The Plant Mom” would not be wrong. Growing over 500 plants in her home is a reflection of her love for plants.

I feel extremely happy while planting as it reminds me of my childhood.

Nita Singh
Gymnocalycium cactus Terrace garden
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She was so enchanted by gardening that even as a child she used to insist her father for buying more books to learn from, and she upholds this hobby today as well. For her, being a gardener is like being a mother to each sapling she grows in her terrace garden.

Gardening was a childhood hobby but as I grew, gardening became more than a hobby to me as I used to collect newspaper clippings of gardening tips which I still have with me. Since then it became a routine of nurturing and spending time with my plants.

Nita Singh
Nita Singh
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Nita Singh stated that gardening brings her a sense of joy. As a homemaker, she loves to enjoy the organic vegetables and fruits she gets from her terrace garden.

Sharing the Beauty of her Terrace Garden through Social Media

1. Journey as a Social Media Influencer

I planted plants even when there was no social media. But during lockdown, I started my journey as a Social Media Influencer on TikTok where I posted my pictures of my terrace Garden and 1 Lakh people joined my journey.

Nita Singh

Although Tiktok got banned, it didn’t dim her light. Nita Singh began her journey from scratch on Instagram. She stated that people loved her content, which is evident in the numbers on her Instagram. As she moved forward in her journey, she understood that People were influenced by her and were curious to learn more about home gardening.

On my Instagram account, I used to get questions about home gardening. Those inquiries encouraged me to begin sharing my content as their responses. I began posting on “How to Create a Terrace Garden or Do Home Gardening on a Budget.”

Nita Singh

This plant mom shares tips and different ways to nurture these plants without burning our pockets. Today, her tips are loved and appreciated by more than 27k people. Isn’t this alluring and amazing?

2. Who is the Support System of this influencer Housewife?

My family, who share my love of plants, is my best source of support as a housewife. My children come up with innovative ways to repurpose waste cardboard and plastic, and my husband assists me with the planting. My in-laws, take care of the plants by watering them in her absence.

Nita Singh

This plant mom dots on her family members as her support. Many housewives still long for family support. This can change as Nita Singh’s Terrace Garden continues to share the love of unity.

Diversity of Nita’s Terrace Garden

Vegetation or organic farming is the main highlight of my terrace garden. Flowering and blooming plants decorate my home garden.

Nita Singh

Nita’s Terrace Garden is a sight to behold, with beautiful vegetable and fruit plants such as strawberries, guava, litchi, corn, and seasonal vegetables such as tomatoes, cauliflower, and many more. She adds that occasionally the plant growth was so dense that she ended up giving some plants to her neighbors. Even her followers now purchase rare plants from her. She uses that money to buy more plants to add to her terrace garden.

Creative pots for terrace garden
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Decoration of Terrace garden
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Tips to Create and Maintain a Terrace Garden

The start is always small. But through experiments and creativity, I set up my Terrace garden and maintained it by using sustainable and organic fertilizers and compost.

Nita Singh

She states that her experiments and knowledge helped her build a terrace garden on a smaller budget. There are a few secret and useful tips and techniques she has shared with us.

Organic Compost, Terrace farming
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  • Instead of purchasing new plants, she prefers to use different propagation methods, such as stem cutting, layering, hydroponic (growing a plant by suspending it in solution), etc.
  • Using natural fertilisers such as turmeric, aloe vera gel, and neem leaves to protect the plants from fungicides and pesticides
  • Recycle plastic containers, coconut and egg shells, and PVC pipes for planting seeds.
  • Making natural and organic compost from vegetable peels and cow dung
  • Using Vertical garden trends, plant stands, and hanging pots for less space
  • Use a drop system to water the plants in your absence.
Best out of waste
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As a housemaker, I understand the nurturing nature of Mother Earth. I use these tips and share them so that willing people can learn the different ways of saving the environment.

With her terrace garden and these sustainable tips, this housemaker is contributing to the wellness of the environment. She is spreading awareness about saving nature. She also states that as much as plantations save nature, rainwater harvesting, recycling plastic, and using biodegradable waste are some of the other ways to protect it.

To learn more tips about gardening, you can follow her on Instagram. She also has a YouTube channel with more than 5,000 subscribers.

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