Now Farming By Mist Is possible – Unique Technology Solutions For Farmers By Indian Startup Kheyti

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The farmers contribute 51% of the nation’s agricultural output and, 80% of the food is grown by small farmers around the Earth. Have you ever thought of their reality? What might they be saving or just earning? For small farmers, hard work doesn’t pay always. As they work hard for a year but have absolutely no control over their income because of the environmental risks. Kheyti, as the name suggests, has something super interesting for the farmers, technology solutions for farmers in India were never given much importance. But now the times have changed.

Technology Solutions For Farmers
Source: Kheyti

What is Kheyti?

Founder & CTO Saumya Sahay with Satya Raghu, Co-founder & President, and their team of Khyeti, came up with a “Greenhouse-In-A-Box” idea. It’s a low-cost farming solution. Modular greenhouse with services that enable farmers to grow seven times as much food while using 90% less water and help smallholder farmers in India. Something that sounds almost impossible, but believe us it’s not anymore.

You may be wondering how people are able to come up with such creative ideas and, more importantly, how they are able to put those ideas into action and turn them into reality. The muse for kheyti was ‘some sad news. Well, we all are aware of the Suicide cases of small-scale farmers, due to losing their crops because of environmental conditions, leading to dept overload & so on.

We pay our condolences, tweet about it, and gradually forget about it But, for the founders of Indian startup kheyti, such a news became a marking stone. Some young men teamed up and found a permanent solution to make things easy for small farmers. Their experience, courage, social work experience and dedication gave them the will to start Kheyti. Late in 2015, Kheyti was established.

Kheyti is not the only startup that was given birth to help the agricultural results of India. You might also wanna know about 3 Software Engineers who are on a Mission With Their Startup ‘OrganiKrishi’ – Promoting Natural Farming, Providing Authentic Organic Food doing wonders in their field with these low-cost farming solutions.

How These Technology Solutions For Farmers Work

Conditions like- extreme heat, rain, drought, and pest assaults, among others, can affect farming. To overcome this environmental issue, team Kheyti an environmental solution project decided to build a greenhouse model which protects the crops from environmental damage. Another major aspect that the team kept in mind was water usage. Comparing greenhouses to open-field traditional irrigation, they are able to lower the amount of heat by 2-4 degrees Celsius, cut down on pests by 90%, and save 98% of the water.

Technology Solutions For Farmers kheyti
Source – Kheyti

Indian startup Kheyti brought some technology solutions for farmers like the drip irrigation method, which lowers water evaporation and increases the amount of water available to the crops. Water usage is also decreased by the greenhouse’s net cover. In reality, crops growing in greenhouses only need water for 15 to 20 minutes every day. One of their main selling points is the use of less water. One can say that now farming is possible in the mist instead of in full rain.

Only top-notch seeds are used. Furthermore, compared to open farming, greenhouse farming yields are always 4-5 times higher. Production rises even higher as a result of Kheyti’s strict oversight and improved production techniques. This environmental innovation project has a great deal of control over farming methods.

Is it possible to grow plants with no or minimum water? Yes, it is. Also Is Soil-less Farming Really Possible? with Hydroponics Farming Now It Is. The Technology Solutions For Farmers are growing 10 folds for farmers in India, these technologies can be really helpful for the small farmer revolution.

How The Team Reaches Out To Farmers

Team Kehyti has worked as social workers even before they started Kheyti, they used their experience and reached out to farmers through Farmer producer organizations and by holding village meetings, they introduce the model, before taking them to the field. The ‘Greenhouse-in-a-Box’ kit comes in a range: one that costs around Rs 2 lakh for 320 square meters and another that costs around Rs 3.35 lakh for 462 sq mts.

Every day we see a new farming innovation getting introduced in the market, and each one is a little bit better than the previous one, read about this Organic Farming Project By A 38 YO Who Will Bring A Farm To Your Balcony– That needs Very Less Space.

Kheyti with its low-cost farming solutions has made things easy and in a channel for the smallholder farmers in India. The farmers get training on what to plant, how to grow, when to grow, and other techniques. Not only this, the team stays in touch with their buyers by creating a Whatsapp group the team makes an easier way of communicating. Small problems get solved online as they allow farmers to send pictures of what’s wrong and get it solved accordingly and, with major issues the team personally visits the field and helps in resolving the issue.

Not only with environmental issues and water crises for the produce, but farmers also receive the greatest available market price for their produce. Farmers can profit extra from this modular greenhouse service. This indian startup is Innovative, sustainable, affordable and a dream come true technology solution for farmers in India. Just the kind of stuff Mad4India likes to write about.

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