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WhatsUpWellness is doing some praiseworthy work when it comes to helping people live a healthy life but in a simple manner. It will spin your head when you know that they’re doing this incredible work with the help of gummies. Yes, you heard that right.

Those gummies have the nutrition your hair, skin, and nails need. Undoubtedly, you’ll need to follow a healthy lifestyle along with consuming gummies. To better understand the brand – WhatsUpWellness and its useful products, we interviewed the founders of the company – Sayantani Mandal and Vaibhav Makhija.

1. Tell me a little about yourselves.

Sayantani – I’m a graduate of NIFT, Delhi. Post that, I’ve worked with brands like The Man Company, Grofers, and consulted for brands like ShopClues in the field of content writing, content strategy, brand strategy, and communication. So, basically the creative side of brands.

I started as a feature writer in India Today and post that the role kept on building as and when I changed brands. And before this startup of WhatsUpWellness, I worked for about 5 years. That has been more likely of my journey.

Vaibhav – Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked with several brands part-time or full-time. I and Sayantani worked together at The Man Company in a full-time role and then in Grofers. So, at The Man Company, I used to take care of the growth, handle product management for the brand website, and handle Facebook and Google ads and partnerships and alliances for a couple of years. Then I moved on to Grofers. There I led growth for a new startup of theirs. When I joined, we were at around 600 orders per day and when we left; we were at around 4200 orders per day.

I was leading growth for it and Sayantani was leading the brand, but then Covid hit us and Grofers had to shut down all their side businesses to preserve cash for their major business, as the funding scenario became very dicey. And Grofers is a very cash-intensive business. Then we were left with choosing between whether to look for new jobs or start our own business or work part-time for some time.

2. Why did you decide on doing something like WhatsUpWellness?

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After a lot of research, we zeroed down to WhatsUpWellness. We observed that most of us are very casual about our health. We all have common issues like excessive intake of packaged or junk food, not considering health to be important, having erratic eating patterns, etc.

All this happened as we stayed away from our homes for college or work and became too busy with our lives. Not only that, but we also talked to several people and learned that it is an issue that most people are facing. Not just the above-mentioned things, people also had non-regular eating patterns.

When we talked to people, we observed that people in their late 20s or early 30s and 40s were the ones who had this issue. Due to these, they face problems related to skin, hair, and nails. After this, we saw supplements are a way to control this or limit this.

We all require certain nutrition, which is important for the body to function properly and live a quality life over a period. Now, to get the required nutrition into our body when our eating habits are not right, supplements come onto the scene.

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Though general perception about supplements is that those who consume supplements are sick or weak or have some other mental health issues. That’s when it struck us that our branding needs to do fun, engaging, and energetic so that the stigma around supplements starts becoming obscure.

After we observed that around 40% of people have difficulty swallowing pills and capsules, we wanted to do something innovative on the form factor. After constant researching and brainstorming different forms, we decided on WhatsUpWellness gummies.

This was because we wanted something fun and easy to consume. And as it’ll be like any other jelly we have with a flavor, it’ll make people consume it. Lastly, people associate pills and tablets with illness, which makes them stay away from them. Like, if they are supposed to take it in the afternoon, they try postponing it to a later time as it gives a negative vibe. And that’s how WhatsUpWellness gummies were formed. And sometimes our clients finish it around 20-25 days because of its taste.

3. If asked what is WhatsUpWellness, what would you say?

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In short, WhatsUpWellness is all about making wellness fun and effective at the same time. It also takes care of the fact that the supplements are tasty and easy to consume.

4. How long did the research and development take?

So, the research took around 8 to 9 months before we started WhatsUpWellness. Overall it took as approximately one year to launch our products.

5. Which problems do your products aim to solve and how?

At the moment, WhatsUpWellness is targeting the problems related to hair, skin, and nails. And we’re doing this by providing the essential vitamins, minerals, and other substances required to reduce hair fall, and promote hair growth. It also focuses on solving skin-related problems such as reducing dark spots, bringing a glow to your face, keep your face soft and hydrated. The product of WhatsUpWellness also helps in strengthening your nails and better.

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The composition of the WhatsUpWellness gummies is done in such a way that it makes them effective, healthy, powerful, and complete. We also take pride in the fact that it’s of exceptional quality and cost-effective. And the fact that they’re gummies and tasty to eat, there’s a consistency of consuming it maintained.

6. Could you please say a little about the features of the gummies.

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Ingredients wise there are 13 essential nutrients present in the WhatsUpWellness gummies. This makes the formulation fit to be called a holistic formulation or a three-in-one formulation. So, in the gummies, we’ve vitamins A to E, then we have Biotin, Zinc, Folic Acid. Along with that, we also have Aloe Vera, Grapeseed, and Sea Buckthorn. They’re also vegan and gluten-free.

WhatsUpWellness gummies together work on your hair, skin, and nails. Given that they’re supplements, they do not bring results overnight, but with time and patience and a healthy lifestyle, individuals will see results for sure. The efficacy of the product has been reinforced with all the positive reviews that we’ve got on it from the customers. They come in a jar with 30 pieces.

7. Along with having the gummies, according to you, what other things should a person do in order to be healthy?

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WhatsUpWellness Gummies come into play when an individual is trying to fill a certain gap in their diet, which is essentially missing in their general routine. Due to the hectic lifestyle and work pressure, diet and a healthy lifestyle take a backseat. We normally don’t prioritize our health and end up eating unhealthy items. We also lose a track of the amount of protein intake, calorie intake, etc. There are hardly any people who’ll sit and count all that they’ve eaten, the number of carbs, protein, or fat they’ve consumed in a day.

To be honest, it doesn’t have a place on our packed-up schedule. And the fact that the gummies are easy to consume and can be eaten after lunch or dinner is what makes it more convenient. It’ll easily fulfill the requirements of the day in terms of food.

Along with having gummies of WhatsUpWellness, people should lead a healthy life in general by not consuming junk, eating mindfully, stay hydrated, for these supplements to work to their fullest capacity. One should not live in the bubble of leading an unhealthy lifestyle and expect the gummies to work. No, that’s not how it works. And it is recommended to have only 1 a day as each one of them has a specific amount of nutrients in it which is mentioned on the back of the jar.

8. What does the future plans look like?

At the moment, we’re simply focusing on hair, skin, and nail but we look forward to diversifying our area of work. We want to spread awareness about the brand, reach out to people, and set up our distribution channels properly over the next few months. And once we start hitting the numbers we aimed for, we’ll look at expanding it to more categories.

9. What are some myths regarding gummies that you would like to burst?

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To be honest, there are many but they’re not actually myths but misconceptions due to the lack of awareness about supplements in general. We’ve faced questions like:
• Should we have it with water or swallow it?
• How many times should I have it or when should I have it?
• Are there any side effects?
• Will I gain weight if I start consuming it or stop having it after a point in time?
• How long should I continue eating it?

So these questions arise due to the lack of awareness, which is something we’re also trying to work on.

10. How important is mental health for a better physical health?

Undoubtedly, the two are connected. Rather, I would say, they are 2 sides of the same coin. Unless you’re mentally well enough to think about your health and lifestyle, it becomes impossible to maintain it physically. So we need to feel that urge to get up, get that workout done, and lead a healthy lifestyle. That’s when it’ll actually happen. Mental health always has an effect on physical health.

11. Is there anything you would like to mention?

So, it has just been a few months since we launched WhatsUpWellness and till now we’ve received only positive and encouraging responses. This has reinforced our belief in the brand. It also motivates us to think about working on different variants of it. And the competition in the market is what keeps us on our toes all the time. We also look forward to spreading awareness and imparting knowledge about supplements, healthy lifestyles, and other related things and their significance.

To know more about WhatsUpWellness – Website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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